Friday, September 28, 2007

I am a FAST knitter!

I really want to award myself as a FAST knitter! I have so much joy and fun knitting the olive vest until I am so reluctant to start the shrugS. I have knitted till the waist. You see the lace pattern? I have 2 shrug orders to complete in two weeks as I am flying back to Malaysia at 11th next month. I bet you hear me screaming out yippee yippee here like a kid! It always feel GREAT to go home! It is so easy to buy flight ticket nowadays. You don't have to go to the agent, what you have to do is just to make a call and the e-ticket will be sent to you.

I am always a last minute person. I only pack my bag like the night before. There is no exception this time. I was a last minute student in school as well, thats why my mom always said I could have done better if I don't do things my lazy way.

Almost everyone been asking me how my wedding preparation is. They make me feel that I should be very busy but honestly, I am still relaxed as always, having a very calm pulse around 75 per minute. Ok, I know I still have many things to do but I will only get them to my nerves when I arrive Malaysia and have my girl friends do that with me.

So this is an entry to announce officially about my trip going home for my wedding. Can't be too excited about Malaysia food because I still try my best to shed off another 10lbs or so before end of November. Thanks, I hear you! I know I can make it! Thanks for all the sincere support but believe me, its HARD! Its hard to do that in Malaysia when foods are GREAT and CHEAP!

Anyway, I will go home with my addi babies and yarns for a sweater. Now, my mission is to finish the vest and two shrugs. Again, I hear you! Yes, I can make it! YEAHHH !!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I started this yesterday and I knitted it pretty quick! Almost done with the 3" ribbing part at the bottom.
I already have a brief idea how the body design will be!
It will be a combination of lace and cable vest!
Stay tune!

WOW - World Of Warcraft
If you were a gamer, you will definitely know what WOW is. I have super fans of this game in my family, they are my DH, my 2 sister in law and brother in law. Seems like they just have marvelous fun and excitement exploring in this game world. I know they have to do some quests to make some wow gold, so they can buy something fancy like weapons! is Europe's leading site in the secondary market for MMORPGs. They allow users to trade currency, goods and services for massively multiplayer online roleplaying games and specialise in the biggest game World Of Warcraft.

I bet my DH knows this site and he and his other game mates do use good out of it!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Balloon Festival + Mooncake Festival
John was away for 5 days and I'd been home alone. He came home at Friday noon. There was a 3 days Balloon Festival in Plano and we had a bike ride to see the balloon in that evening. This was the first time I saw so many big air balloon in the air. Its really really nice!!! We stopped at a field and I tried to snap some pictures but too bad, can't really see them good though.

Business in ETSY was good last week and I was very busy knitting. I completed the pink shrug and had it shipped yesterday. One more shrug to go, GamBaTeh!!! Want to start a vest but my mind is still all blanked! Well, I should be honest and tell the truth! Actually, I have been spending most of the time playing Nintendo DS. Haha~ I am so addicted to the sudoku in brainAge 2. Can't stop playing it!

Today is Mooncake festival, a.k.a midautumn festival. There is no celebration here and I don't bother to buy any mooncake from the chinese grocery store here because they are damn expensive. This is a special occasion that family members will get reunion together, watching the full moon, eating mooncake, drinking tea and playing lanterns. Its just sad I am so far away from my family and can't celebrate this with them! Miss my family a lot! * loves *

Gift for Eva
Eva is a very special girl friend of mine. She loves body art very much and she has her first tattoo on her hip when she was 21. I was so shocked to find out that. Actually, I should not be surprised as she already had many piercings on her body. But one thing, she insisted not to get a belly button ring until she has a nice flat fabulous tummy! Lately, she has been working hard in the gym and watching her diet. Eventually, she has her belly button ring pierced and has more excuse to buy more body jewelry.

Since her 25 year-old birthday is approaching, I already knew what I want to get her. A gold belly button ring is definitely a good ideal!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Shoes Craving
Its time to get new shoes! I want a pair of flat to go with my new jeans which I got from truejeans and I want AT LEAST a pair of pump to go with my dress and also jeans. Before I show the shoes that I am craving. I would like to talk about my experience purchasing my first pair of jeans at truejeans.

I heard about truejeans few months ago through grumperina's blog. She highly recommends this site as they really pair you the fitted jeans which suit you the best. What you have to do is, be honest to yourself, fill in some measurements of your body and the site will show you all the possible jeans with fitting rating. I signed in truejeans 2 weeks ago and I purchased a pair of jeans with 15% discount as a special offer for newby. The jeans arrived like 2 days after the order and it really FITS. I love it! So if it happens that you wish to get a fitted jeans badly, you really should give this site a shot!

Ok, I bought a pair of shoes from ebay today! It looks nice on the screen and hopefully it won't disappoint me when it arrives. I think most probably I can get the shoes tomorrow and you know why? Because the seller is like 30mins driving distance away from my place! and she already shipped the items this afternoon 3 something. Can't wait to see it!

Also, I found another 2 pair of nice shoes which are very affordable for me! One is from payless shoes source and another pair is from forever 21. I want to go to the mall this weekend and try these shoes on!!! I want them!!!

Payless Shoes

Forever 21

For knitting progress, I have been knitting the long sleeves cable shrug non-stop. I have few orders from ETSY in the row and I am almost done with the cascade 220, I am at the neckline ribbing part. I should be able to complete it by tomorrow and start another shrug requested in grey one.

I wish I could reveal my wedding dress here for you ladies but, John might come in and read my post and he won't be happy to see the dress before its supposed to be! So, bear with me ladies, I promise I will have pictures of the dress... and pictures of me in the dress!!! haha!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I went to London three times so far in my life and I visit to its China Town everytime I go. Its not only because that I could get some Chinese goods there, but also love the food there to death. But I know, there are many better places that I could go in London. So I tell myself, If I got the chance to go back to London one day, I would like to try out some other nice restaurants and pubs!

Want to get some reviews of London restaurants and pubs? does a good job in this! With the clear categories listed out, you can easily find the restaurant and pub you like in London.

I wish I could have a cold brew beer in a nice pub and watch my favourite soccer team playing in EPL in my next trip to London! Thats really what I wish!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I want to play Piano again
I always have a regret, which is I quited learning piano and din't complete it as I should. That time, I was preparing for grade 7 exam, due to the house moving to another state, I quited and never pick up again.

I always wish to practice and learn it again if I got chance. Lately, I been looking at some second hand piano and think of getting one after Christmas. At the same time, I found this Piano Chords Blog, which is a amazing site that appears at the right time. This blog provide free piano lessons, blogger writes about some aspect of piano chords and chord progressions, including a healthy dose of music theory.

It has been 10 years that I din't play piano and I don't think I will look for a private teacher at this moment. I believe with the help of this blog, I will be able to recall what I have learned in the past and indulge myself again in Piano playing!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hot Sexy Salsa!
I will dance with John in our wedding and we already have chosen a song. But after this nice slow dance, we would like to spice up the atmosphere a bit and surprise the guests. We both come to the idea to dance salsa or bachata. The question is, we don't think we have time to learn as we never try that before. Eventhough there are some dancing studios at our area here, I don't think we can have the ideal timetable.

At this very crucial moment, a friend told me about this online dance instructional website, Once you become a member, you will be given 3 free DVDs. If you plan to become a advance social dancer, you can find everything you need from this site. I had a guide tour there and saw many positive feedbacks left as well. I am just happy with the fact that you can actually learn dancing any time you want, 24/7.

Most probably I will sign up and try my best to learn as much as I could in few months time. Its just funny that before I sign up, I already imagined myself moving and twisting my body in hot salsa music like Jennifer Lopez! My god! haha!

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Cascade 220
Avan is my high school friend. He came to the states when we were 21. He studied in Kentucky and now he works in LA. We lost contact for few years after he left and sometimes last year, we talked to each other again.
When I was in college, I had this very old computer with a hard drive not bigger than 3Gb and this bad hard drive always gave me problem, having bad sectors here and there. Avan was the computer guy who came rescued me many times, formatted my PC so I can maintain my romance with John in ICQ. * haha *

I guess lately he is kinda fancy a friend of him, a tiny petite girl whose birthday at October. So he wants me to knit a shrug for this girl as a birthday gift. He told me that this girl always wear light color clothing,eg: baby pink, baby blue and white. So I told Avan that I will knit this shrug in either baby pink of white.

I always use Patons merino wool in this project but they don't have white or baby pink. So I paid a visit to Woolie Ewe, try to seek for other yarn brand. Luckily, with the help of a nice lady, I got this very sweet baby pink wool yarn Cascade 220. I heard so much about cascade 220 but I never tried it before. I just fall in love with this sweet pink and I will really want to knit a sweater using this yarn.

I bought my wedding gown today! * excited * I bought a evening dress too! * happy * Gloria will make me a veil and I will spend this weekend to really think about what I want.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

PayPerPost is Real
I have joined PPP for almost 1 and half month and I am pretty sure many people would wonder how much actually I have made by posting. I have taken 25 posts so far, 14 posts are approved and I have received 55usd through PayPal. I will be paid another 200usd in time.

What I can say is, PPP is real! You get paid once the post is approved. You just have to follow the post requirement, fulfill the sponsored content after you reserve the opportunity and most of the time you will be approved in 5 days time. Eventhough sometimes PPP reject you, you still have the chance to resubmit again and they will email you and tell you what the mistake you have done in the post!

I am happy with the whole PPP system, is clear and organized. With my experience in PPP, I would like to spread this news to my friends. I have made real money eventhough it is not big money, still thats good pocket money for me to spend when I go back Malaysia next month.

Are you interested to join? Not hard at all, please scroll down to the very bottom of the right side bar in my blog, you will see a purple badge of PPP. Just click in there, and you will be guided to complete the registration and become a postie of PPP! Welcome to PayPerPost!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Estate Planning
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A well-drafted estate plan ensures that your estate passes to those you want, when you want, and is carried out in the manner you've chosen. You can protect your family from the long, public process and costly matter of probate. The aim of each member of the firm is to help clients accomplish their estate planning goals and to take the mystery out of the planning process. They approach each client’s estate planning needs with an eye toward the full range of possibilities.

Please contact Morris, Hall and Kinghorn for a review of your estate planning needs and for additional information on how they can help you chart your legal and financial future.

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I am busy, busy, busy!
I had real much fun trying on some wedding gowns yesterday and you know what, the first dress I put on is the BEST and I really think it will be THE ONE. I will go try it on again this Friday with Gloria and Rosanne,
if I still love it as much as I did yesterday then I will get it!

I am now busy hunting for evening dress! Not easy to get one at all!!! But I will keep looking!!!
Have more orders from ETSY and I really should have knitted faster! What I can say is, I am extremely busy busy busy!!! But I am happy! =)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Memorable Moment!
What are those precious memorable moments you have in your life? I bet we have tons of them. We can have those moments with our family, our love, our friends. How about your romance story? Do you have any to share with me? I still clearly remember all the romances I have in my life.

Before I tell some of my romance story, I would like to tell you all something excitedly. I am going to try on some wedding dresses tomorrow with Gloria. My married friends told me, this would be another memorable moment for every single lady before they marry their love one. I am really excited about it. The tradition in the states is, bride can only reveal herself in the dress on the wedding day so I will do the same thing too. John will only see me in MY dress on that big day.

The very first time I talked to John was 1998 December and the first time we met was 2000. Many people ask how we met each other and they all WOW when they know the answer. We met each other at ICQ. Thing just went unexpectedly and we started talking to each other almost everyday after I had my first cellphone.

To be with each other, we had gone through a lot, ups and downs, rocky obstacles. But I am glad that we overcome everything and now, I am Mrs.Figueroa. Two years ago, John proposed to me at Grand canyon and that was another romantic precious moment that touched me very much and very soon, I will be in my dream wedding dress and say "I do" in the church.

Next year is the 10-year we know each other. I am very sure we will have a romantic and memorable wedding in Malaysia this November. I pray hard that we would have many many loving sweet years ahead. Love you John!

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Miss you gals
I will be going home (Malaysia) next month and I am so excited about seeing my
family and girl friends again. Yahoo Photo is closing down and all my photos are moved to my Flickr account. Looking at those old pictures, I just realized how much fun
I actually had with you gals! Miss you ladies!
Those pictures were mainly taken in Glasgow and my trip to Spain. Please look at the gorgeous Scotland! Look at me, I was so young back then! haha~ We are aging ladies !!!

Snowing in Glasgow, my Uni dorm

Place I stayed in Glasgow. Hill in front of my dorm.

Road trip in Scotland

Building in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

Plastic Surgery
We always say and hear about women should not let go themselves, sacrifice their looks after they are married, have had babies. But deep inside our heart, we know this is not an easy task. You need time, money, effort and support to get it and maintain it. I am not obsessed with plastic surgery at all but I know how the body figure is going to change after giving birth a baby or babies. Maybe out of 5% of those pregnant ladies, they would have have a better body shape after pregnancy, eg: bigger breast, curvier hips. But from what I know, most of my friends who had already given birth, they grow horizontally. So I tell myself all the time, after I have a baby in the future, and I am pretty sure I would gain like 40 lbs at least through the whole pregnancy, I would not mind to seek for plastic surgery like liposuction and tummy tuck. But then, we hear too much tragedy and scary story about plastic surgery. To seek for a reliable plastic surgery center, sufficient research should be done.

Rodeo Drive plastic surgery center has this Mommy Makeover, which is a programme especially for women who want to get their bodies back after having babies. They do many tummy tucks and breast lifts for patients.
Mommy Makeover can sometimes be done during one surgery. Other times it is best to break the procedure up over more than one day. They take many steps to assure both minimal pain and maximum safety during the procedures.

Rodeo Drive plastic surgery center does specialize in liposuction as well, which is called Beverly Hills Liposculpture. Most of us have normal body weight but still there are some stubborn fats deposit at different part of our body which diet and exercise can't get rid off. Beverly Hills Liposculpture provides a solution here. It is a common surgery in Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery which they have developed a center solely focused on liposuction.

Well, I guess this could be a very sweet anniversary gift from DH after I have a baby in the future.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Goodbye Summer Sale
I always believe, everything happens for a reason. Today, I woke up amazingly earlier compared as usual. I was already checking my email at 8am. Around 9 something, I received an email from Jill Brown. Well, thats the name of Woolie Ewe owner. I am always excited whenever I receive email from Woolie Ewe. This time, she din't disappoint me. Its an announcement for the Goodbye Summer Sale! Duh? Yes! Yarn sales is on! This time, 35% all yarn with cotton and 50% to Jaeger entire stock! No kidding! The cotton yarn sales is for 2 days only and Jaeger sales is on until the entire stock gone. I yelled out happily and told John to drop me there as soon as possible.

I was at Woolie Ewe at 10am. I was one of the early bird! hehe! Well, a lady who works there told me Jaeger will be discontinued in US and they wont make them anymore. She led me to the Jaeger corner and I spotted few nice color right away. Very quickly I picked up the olive green merino DK and they are just as yummy as always. Immediately, there was this little voice spoke to me :" you have way too many GREEN yarn at home! Stop it! Pick something else! WAY TOO MANY GREEN!" I rolled my eyes and put the olive green back reluctantly and very fast I picked up a eggplant one. Again, that little voice came up again! " Hey, purple again? Come on! Pick something else ! " Alright, alright! I will buy some new color this time ok? Finally I picked Yellow! Such a long time I din't use yellow yarn. It is a sweet baby yellow, Jaeger Matchmaker merino 4 ply. I grabbed 8 balls and make sure they are same in same dye lot!

I moved to another aisle, and I saw Siena! Hmmm... not many color left but I saw at least THREE color that I love. Too bad, they were like 3 or 4 balls left for most of those color so not many options for me. You should know my love to Siena and there were this light pink and corn yellow for me to choose. I grabbed the light pink first, but then I realized they were not in the same dye lot so I gave up. The yellow is pretty! Nice sheen on it! I spent more than 10 mins there, being so indecisive, back and forth between the yellow and another brown one. Finally, I chose the Yellow.

Enough with the Jaeger! I turned around and saw ALL the Rowan Glace were right in front of me! Damn, walk away now! I din't bother to find out what the price is after 35% discount because I know I would have gotten some! Its so hard to resist you know? Then I came to another sessions fulled of cotton blend yarn! ooh....aaaahhh.... so pretty, so yummy! I spotted the Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy - cool blue. 5.95usd before discount! Hmmm... 50gm 140meter! Hmmm... 23st x 32st = 4"! Hmmm... 3.5mm needle! OK! 6 balls is enough for a blouse! OK! I will get it!

Oops! John said he would come back to pick me up 30 min later. I was at least 5 min passed the time. Ok ok, better line up and pay now! So I carried the basket filled with 22balls yarn waiting in the line. Of course, my eyes were still glancing around while I was immobile. Wait a minute! Isn't that Jaeger Pure Silk??? Are they 50% off as well??? Very fast I thought of the shawl I want to knit. I am supposed to get some nice silk yarn for the shawl right? The lady at the counter definitely can read my mind. She said, that was Jaeger Silk and they are 50% off too!!! I went up and peeked at the price first! 24.50usd before discount and I need at least 3 balls to knit the shawl. Forget it Kitman! You have already overspent!!!

I left the shop with a bag of yarn and John was in the car waiting, showing me a funny face! I hopped in the car happily and showed off the yarn I got to him. Of course I also told him how much I spent on them. He raised up his voice and went :" What? 83 dollars? after 50% discount? Damn gal!" Hehe, I know! I bought many yarn this month! I really know! Next sales would be 29-30th of Dec if not mistaken! hehe! But tomorrow is the last day of Goodbye Summer Sale, I still can get some nice discount cotton yarn. I am really tempted to go again tomorrow honestly!

Anyway, since Jaeger will be discontinued I think most of the online yarn company will have sales on Jaeger yarn soon! Really, we all should keep an eye on all the sales!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

my precious......
I love cosmetic and I love perfume, fragrance. It always depends on my mood to choose what perfume to use on that particular day. Different perfume will remind me of different important person in my life, different important incidents that happened in particular moment. Sometimes, when I miss someone very much, I will put on that specific perfume which I used the most when we spent some quality time back then. Today, I want to share the precious perfume which I own with you all. I won't call it a collection because I know there are many ladies out there, are really really crazy and fanatic about their perfume!

The first perfume that I really fell in love is Giorgio di Aqua. I think I was 16 that time. Students were not allowed to put on perfume to school but I secretly used it. I like the color and it really really smells good! This is something I would want to buy again when I have extra money!

Clinique happy and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea were my favourite when I was in the college. Just nice and simple floral fruity fragrance. Especially Green Tea, love it so much! Thats actually the first fragance that I finished it and went buy the second bottle.

BeautyArden, was a small gift I bought for myself before I left Scotland. So, I will put it on when I miss Scotland, miss my dearest room mates. Another floral fragance.

There was a period I din't use perfume, thats the time I had my internship in hospital. After that, I use perfume again when I worked in retail pharmacy. Well, here I list the rest of the perfume I have. They are gifts from my beloved buddy. YSL - young sexy lovely. Clarins Par Amour. Narciso Rodriguez.

The perfume which are in my wish list is SecretWish- Anna Sui and Burberry London. I love these two perfume a lot and I think I will get the first one very soon! How about you? Whats your favorite perfume?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Double Glazing Windows
I knew Amy at Glasgow and we went to the same church that time. We talk to each other once a while all these years after I left Scotland. She had her first baby last year and lately, she told me that she is going to do some Home improvements for her new apartment and she is very excited about it. Amy studied interior design in college and I am pretty sure she will make great choice in home renovation and improvements. She mentioned about Double glazing windows which she is going to get in the conversation and this reminds me about the double glazing windows I have in my dorm. Its commonly used in UK as the weather is always freezing cold there, especially in Scotland. But these double glazing windows are functioning real well as insulators and keep the room temperature real good.

We do have winter here but that is really nothing comparing to winter in Scotland. Don't get me started, or else I would have to tell you how much I miss Scotland again. Really miss the time that I had in my cozy room in dorm, having a cup of hot coffee, watching the pretty snow all over the city through the Double glazing window.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bomb Loader!

Diana (my SIL) scanned this and sent it to me few days ago and it gave me a big smile seeing that. I would like to share this with all of you. John joined the military like 20 years ago and he was a bomb loader in air force. He always told me about the things he used to do in the military before I saw this picture and now eventually I have a better idea about it. This photo was published in the newspaper. I guess John cut it down and gave it to Diana.

Look at him, so young back then and way too thin! I think he is at least 30lbs heavier now. I am so proud of him as the fact he served his beloved country and fought for the country in middle east years ago. Hey ladies, John Figueroa thats my DH name and he is my man! *blush!*

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

My weekends
31st August is my country National day. Happy 50th birthday to Malaysia! I wish to see you grow stronger and better with times. Different races of citizens do stay harmony and happily together, of course we all should share the same benefits from the government under same roof. I hope government would care about others but not just to those so-called bumiputera. Love you Malaysia and I am always proud to be a Malaysian! This year, there was this International Fireworks Competition event held in Putrajaya and many countries were participated! Lets look at the pictures I managed to find. They are just way too stunning!

My FIL discharged from the hospital at last Wednesday, what a great relief to all of us. He is doing good, just still a little bit weak and breathless some times. We been encouraging him to eat well, get a better lifestyle and I bet he really gets enough of all these nagging! My MIL is such a sweet and understanding lady, been by his side taking good care of him, telling him to move more and expand his lung capacity as much as he could. She takes all my FIL crankiness and grumbles. She is a great woman!

Gloria and Mike's birthday is just 11 days apart and we din't get to celebrate Glo's birthday because my FIL was still in the hospital that time so we had the celebration yesterday, cum celebration of my FIL come home from the hospital. We had delicious and healthy food. Everything is low Sodium or sodium free!!! I made some soup dumpling/wanton, Rosanne made some fantastic baked pork loin and Gloria made delicious cold bean salad! I love the salad!

I wrapped up all the ground meat carrot mix with wanton skin and only cooked them in the boiled chicken broth in my in-laws house. There was extra meat paste left and I already ran out of wanton skin. What I did was, I made a giant big meatball for John! haha~ Does it look yummy?

Me and John haven't gone for any motorbike ride lately and we had one this noon, visiting to the animal shelter house in McKinney. We been tempted to get a cat or 2 cats! We used to have two cats but they belong to John's daughters. They were gone when the gals moved out! In the shelter house, we spotted two very very cute and adorable cats! They are Yellow and Tiger. Well, based on their names, you should have an idea how they look like right? I heart Yellow very much. He is a very sweet cat and is only 2 yrs old. His previous owner is sick, diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and couldn't keep any animals no more. That is very sad! We are still in discussion if we should keep a cat or 2 cats. Most probably we will go back on Tuesday to get them.

After some good time playing and petting Yellow, I have my allergy attack. Firstly, I sneezed non-stop then my left eye was incredibly itched!!! Aaarrrrr.... as expected, my eye gets so swollen, red and in slight pain. Then my skin has some rashes too! Oh, I am allergic to Yellow? Hmmm... I still want him though! I have his picture! Look at him! I think he definitely a good helper in yarn winding! =)

For the knitting progress, I am still knitting the sleeve, the 1st sleeve. Pretty slow. But I already knew what I want to knit next. I would knit a baby boy sweater and a vest. Have some design ideas in mind. Stay tuned ladies!