Thursday, October 21, 2010

Order from a Old Friend!

Wan See is my primary school mate and we had many great time at school. That was definitely many many years ago yet everything is still vividly crystal clear in my mind. She is a smart girl with cheerful personality.

We went to different high school once graduated primary school and honestly, we did not keep in touch for many many years already. But I guess in the world of Internet, to be particularly accurate, with the help of Facebook, we found each other again.

We both are married and she is residing with her family at Japan. YES... JAPAN!!! Well, I won't go there bragging all over again how much I LOVE Japan. I wish to visit there in the future and I want to EAT.SHOP.SEE everything I want!!!

Anyway, WanSee is such a supportive buddy to me. She likes my knitted items a lot and she actually ordered a cowl and scarf from me. THANKSSS!!! The scarf is already made few months back and she requested another color for the cowl though. So I bought another skein of sock yarn from my beloved Woolie Ewe to start this project.

Everything is nicely packed and ready to be shipped to WanSee. I hope she will love them as much as I do and I will be expecting to see some nice photos of her wearing them, posing like a kawaii Japanese chica in front of some Sakura tree. hahaha! * Sakura *