Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fix Quix is My Choice!
Skipping breakfast or lunch is not a right move especially when you are trying to lose some weight. We should eat frequently but with smaller food portion. Well, controlling food portion is hard and to decide what to eat for breakfast or lunch is even harder.

Normally, I would have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and for lunch, I will either have some yogurt or toast. But having the same thing for few days in the row, that can be very boring. I always tend to make some salad for lunch but I am just too lazy to cook some lean meat to go with it and I don't like plain vegetable salad at all!

Fix Quix solves my problem now and I can easily have some delicious lean meat whenever I want. Fix Quix is a convenient to use refrigerated cubed meat product as well as a healthy protein snack. It is a new product from Buddig and it is available in 3 Premium Flavors which are the Grilled Chicken, Oven-Roasted Turkey and Smoked Ham. They are ready to eat and totally perfect for snacking. Busy moms will love Fix Quix as they are great snack for kids, moms don't have to take long time to prepare lunch for their kids anymore.

Fix Quix is certified by the American Heart Association as it is low in calories, low in fat. Also, they are gluten free and has no MSG. Readers from Texas, Arizona and St. Louis can download the$1.00 off coupononline. You have to print it out and use it at the register when you purchase any Fix Quix. If you want to know where you can buy Fix Quix, please click here!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Yarn Coming......
I have been buying yarn alot lately and I still want to buy. Well, I finally have my first Malabrigo yarn and what can I say?! After you have your hand and eye on it, you just know you want MORE of THEM!!! I bought one skein of worsted weight merino wool Lime Blue. The color is soo nice and it is SOFT!!! I have been looking at Malabrigo yarn the whole afternoon online to figure out which color I am going to get next.


I purchased yarn from Littleknits and besides Malabrigo, I got some other discounted yarn as well. There are these Andes hand dyed wool yarn are on sales and they are dirt cheap!!! only 3.50usd per skein (216yard). Honestly, I was abit disappointed when I got them because the color is quite off from what I saw online. The color are much more ligther than I expected. I bought 2 skein each color and I am planing to knit scarf with them.


I also bought some Skacel Adagio wool n silk mixed yarn and classic elite Rave. They are on sales as well, so I just got them. My LYS is having sales for some of its yarn as well, 25% discount. I couldn't help and bought some wool yarn AGAIN. The Berroco wool/alpaca yarn are one of the sales items and I bought one purple and one green! Yup!!! My favourite color! =)



Friday, August 28, 2009

Is Your Boyfriend Crazy About Football?
Football is such a big thing in this country and it took me 2 seasons to know what this game is about! I come from Asia and my whole life is about soccer! I always love watching sport and I am happy that football season started and I can cheer for Cowboy again eventhough they din't do very much last year.

Hubby tries his best not to miss any football games and I will watch the game with him whenever I am free. Lately, he spends quite a lot of time on a new site online which is the! He explains this site to me and I guess I know how it works. It is just like a game I used to play, the premier league fantasy. is founded by a former Wall Street guys with a passion for football. He got fed up with the financial markets and built an incredible website for fantasy football players. There are incredible formats, tools, and techniques for analyzing stocks and applied them to NFL player and fantasy football team analysis.

If you want to win your fantasy league, is the site you should visit because it has everything you need to win. There is a Fantasy football forum you can join. You can exchange ideas and opinions there with others football fans. Also, there is a Fantasy football draft software and analysis, you can use all these useful sources to win your fantasy game! If you want to find out more about football teams, football players and rankings, is the place to be!

Do you have a husband or boyfriend who is crazy about football like mine? Tell them about and they will love it! Of course, if you are female and you love football too, you can get onto the site and play the game with your boyfriend!!!

Nice Hanging Out!
Shirley went back to Malaysia for abou 3 months 2 weeks after I got back from my 3 months Malaysia trip. That means, we din't get to hang out for almost 6 months. She is now back to Texas and she will be gone again at October for her wedding in Malaysia.

Hanging out with girl friend is always fun. I always want to try a rose champagne and guess what, I bought one from Sigels last month and I waited until Shirley is back then we drank that together.

I went over to her place this afternoon with a bottle of champagne and some Banana cake I made last night. Did I tell you that I am a fantastic banana cake baker now??!! hahaha, you can be one too! Recipe from!!! - Banana Cake -



Once I arrived her place, she already has some delicious braised stuffed brinjal and tofu ready for me. Aaahhh! Soooo yummy! We had a fantastic afternoon together, I love her brinjal and tofu and she likes my banana cake.


I left her place around 4.30pm after having at least 3 glasses of champagne. Not drunk but feeling little tipsy and that FEELS great! hehe......


Friday, August 21, 2009

He Will Like This!
The TV in the living room is always on when John is at home. He in charges of all the remote controls for the TV, sound system, cable, DVD players and some game consoles we have. I hate to do deal with all the remote controls and John always get yelled at when all the remote controls are scattered everywhere in the living room.

Remember that I always complain about the difficulties of getting gift for John? Now I already have something cool in the gift list for him which is the NeoHD. NeoHD is a new device which is created by Yamaha that would simplify your entire entertainment system. One remote, one on-screen interface and you have the complete control of everything.

With Yamaha neoHD, I won't have hard time figuring how to operate all the entertainment systems at my house. Imagine that one remote control does all the job, isn't that amazing? When my parents are over here for vacation, I don't have to take hours to explain to them which remote control does what and which button they should press. Believe me, old people like them always have problem with multiple remotes.

If you are one of the housewifes who hates multiple remotes in your house, you now can take part of the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes to win one neoHD. Want to know more about this sweepstakes? You can log in to! Also, you can find Yamaha neoHD on facebook! I am very excited about this new product as I know John will like it as much as I do!

Simple Quick Homecook Meal
I managed to get some salmon and shrimp with very good price from Kroger this week. Both John and I love seafood and it is always easy to cook them. I used a recipe from Shirley which she gave me last week, but unfortunately, I don't have mayonese so I just omitted it. Actually the recipe is very similar to the one I read up at Well, this is a great recipe and everything can be done in less than 30mins. LOVE IT!!!


For the shrimp, I used the Shrimp Lemon Pepper linguini recipe from Yes, I love this recipe site. But I replaced the linguine with elbow pasta. I also used marsala wine instead of white wine because I don't have any! haha! It turned out to be a perfect meal for us.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perfect Protein Snack
I always have hard time to decide what to eat for lunch most of the time especially during weekdays when John is at work. I tend to eat less for lunch so most of the choices are salad, yogurt or toast. You can imagine how fast I would get bored of these kind of food.

Salad is always my first choice and once a while, I will cook some lean chicken or turkey to go with my salad but that is just too much hassles for me. When I see Fix Quix is launched in the market, I am just can't wait to try it out.

Fix Quix is a refrigerated cubed meat product that can be a versatile meal starter as well as a healthy protein snack. This is a new product from Buddig and available in three premium flavors which are Grilled Chicken, Oven-Roasted Turkey, and Smoked Ham . These products are ready to eat and they are perfect for lazy people like me. I can conveniently adding these cubed meat to my salads. For moms who have hard time preparing afternoon snack for their kids, you now can try out Fix Quix. They are great snacks for kids.

Fix Quix is certified by the American Heart Association as it is low in calories and also low in fat. It is gluten Free and has no MSG. Fix Quix is totally a healthy food product which everyone would love. I can't wait to try out the Grilled chicken product because it is only 60 calories per serving.

Are you interested in Fix Quix as much as I am? If yes, you now can download the $1.00 online coupon at , print it out and use it at the register! But the coupon is only good in Texas, Arizona and St. Louis. Now, I am really happy that I stay in Texas and I can check this out soon.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Crocheting flowers
I had been crocheting flowers non-stop yesterday and it is always a joy to crochet after knitting too much. I crocheted two and I felted them right away. They look cute after felt! I will use all my left over wool yarn to crochet some flowers then I will chain them up and make a scarf! Awesome idea no?



Friday, August 14, 2009

Italy, France, Greece and India
I always wish to travel to Europe again because I had so much fun visiting to Italy and France few years back. I can't see this happens in any time sooner as the whole trip will cost a lot of money. When I found out that Stouffers-panini is having a contest going on about winning a trip to Europe, I was so excited and looking forward! But I became like a deflated balloon when I realized the contest is only available for Canadians.

I like Stouffer's Panini products and I will have them for lunch at weekdays when I am alone and don't feel like making anything. The contest that I have mentioned above is for promotion of the launch of 4 new varieties which are the Bistro Meatballs & Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables & Goat Cheese and Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka. Eventhough I can't take part in this contest, I will be more than willing to try out these new products especially the Lean cuisine mango chicken tikka and Lean cuisine Grilled vegetables & goat cheese.

For Canadians out there who are interested in this contest, you should try out Stouffer's Panini new products and let the taste takes you to where you wish to go! There are 3 grand prizes to win with the choice of India, Greece, Italy or France. This grand prize comes with a $10,000 gift cards!

Besides that, there are 12 secondary prizes for you to win too! It is a Sony Digital Camcorder with the value of $500 each. Also, you can try your luck to win some daily instant prizes like free Stouffer's product coupons. You can register here for the contest and the registration process allows for one free entry. You can only have one unique UPC code entry per day. Remember, this offer is available to Canadian residents only.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pretty In White Shrug
I have made this shrug a week ago and I think I finish this in a day. I used 8mm needle and chunky wool acrylic yarn. It is a fantastic one skein project that I can see myself making again. Since I only use one skein of yarn, so this shrug is made in XS or S size.

I get Shirley to be my model without showing her face and I really appreciate her kindness! =) The shrugs look soooo pretty on her and I know I will make another white one in S and a black one in M size. I still have one skein of white yarn and 2 skein of black.

As you can see, I knitted the body using a very simple elegant leave lace pattern. For the edge, I made a 2x2 ribbing and at the other side of edge, I crocheted around it to give the shrug more feminine touch.

I really really like how it looks on Shirley! Hopefully there are some ETSY buyers out there will love this piece as much as I do!




Your Favourite Blue Light Bulb
When we talk about a blue light bulb, what will you think of? Does the word Kmart appear in your mind? The blue light bulb of Kmart is bringing us a good news. There is an one day sale going on at Kmart and it falls on the 15th August. Yes, it is this coming Saturday. You better jot down this important event on your calender. It is the time for you and your family to shop together.

School starts pretty soon and parents should get their kids ready for the school. Take your kids to Kmart this Saturday where you can get Special offers throughout the day. There are over 40 great Kmart Bluelight Specials in-store. You will find other great offers at only this Saturday. If you want to buy some new clothing, stationary for your kids, this is a good time to shop for everything.

Kids Backpacks are on very good offer now. Their regular prices are $19.99 each and now, you can get it with $8 each! That is a incredible Bluelight offer there! For those who like to drink Vita water, you should go to Kmart this Saturday because you can get 2 bottle of vita water by paying $1 only.
Looking for some nice patio furniture with good price? Then you MUST go to Kmart this weekend because all the patio furnitures are 70% off! I can't think of any other better time to shop for patio furniture but this weekend at Kmart, can you?!

Visit to and find out other incredible sales and make sure you won't miss any of them! Also, if you are a twitter user, you can find Kmart on Twitter too!

Click Here


Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Watch?!
The first time I heard about Toywatch was about 2 years ago. There was an article about this brand in a magazine. I did not pay much attention as the design was kinda rough and big to me. But few months back, I had a look at their site and I actually like some of their designs. As what I read from the magazine, there are many Hollywood celebrities are loving their Toywatch, even First lady Michelle Obama was seen wearing a purple Neon Plasteramic watch at Eiffel Tower, Paris.

I used to buy watches quite often but they are not expensive watch and I did not spend more than 200 dollars on a watch. The last watch I got was a Swatch 3 years ago. I think it is about time that I can spoil myself with a new watch.

Few weeks ago, my brother actually told me that he likes the Toywatch skeleton Stainless steel very much and he really wants to get it. I have no idea if he got it or not but I do think this watch is nice! For me, I spotted a sweet pink watch from Toywatch too. It is Mother of Pearl Chrono Watch in Pink. This watch come with a clear acrylic bracelet or a pink leather strap but it is out of stock now! Wow... Hmmm... I will keep my eyes on this site and see if there are any new designs coming out! Maybe I will find something else better and nicer?


Car Parts Warehouse
Car Parts Warehouse is your home for top-quality auto parts, car parts, truck parts, import car parts, automotive performance parts, and automotive accessories. They sell at the lowest online prices and provide free shipping for all orders over $50.00.

At Car Parts Warehouse you can be sure that our large selection or car parts and low prices comes with great United States-based customer service. All of their products are original equipment (OEM) for your vehicle unless otherwise noted. Everything they sell comes with a full warranty. With their broad selection of OEM and aftermarket replacement products, they will get your vehicle back in top driving shape.
If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to talk to one of their specialists. The sales and support team is available from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday.
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Such Pretty Green Crystalline Ceramic Bowl
We went to John Simon's birthday party last weekend and we had fun hanging out together. Not only I get to play with their girls, eat nice food, I came home with a pretty ceramic bowl. Diane, John's wife is an awesome artist. She MAKES thing! I know, I am awesome too cause I MAKE things as well! hahah! Anyway, Diane can draw, paint and make ceramic. I believe she still have many other talents that I have discovered yet.

She showed us her works and my eye just couldnt leave this ceramic bowl when I saw it. It is sooo gorgeous. I LOVE the color. Diane is nice enough to give it to me! She insisted me to have it! Aaahhh! I was like a little kid holding it with both hands all the way home.
Diane sells her works at ETSY and if you are looking for ceramic items, please visit to her sites. I believe you will like her stuff.




Friday, August 07, 2009

Know More about Web Hosting
I have been blogging for several years and I am pretty happy with what I am doing with my blog. But lately, I am thinking about getting my own domain site so I can have my blog moved over there. Also, I really think I need a site to do my online knitting business.

Before such big decision is made, I have been spending some times to find out more about those available web hostings nowadays. Web Hosting Geeks answers most of the questions that I want to know. It is a popular and reliable web hosting reviews and rating site. You can find out different category of web hosting awards there so you know what are the BEST webhosts out there. Not only you can find out the best, you can also find ou the worst from Web Hosting Geeks.

I am looking at the Top 10 Best Web Hosts of year 2009 now. Inmotion is ranked 1st place in the chart as the best business web host. GoDaddy is ranked at 9th with the rating of 93%. Not only you can read the reviews, you can actually do some reviews about those web hosts that you have used before.

Honestly, this is a very informative site. You want to know everything about the BEST web hostings like Best budget hosting, Best forum hosting, best blog hosting, best unix hosting? Web Hosting Geeks is the right place to be. You can actually visit to their blog and find out what is the latest good offers of web hostings.
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Dinner at Wednesday Night
I love Italian food and I cook pasta quite regularly.
I have made chili pepper parmesan chicken
last Wednesday for dinner. It is a very quick meal to cook and we love it.
I am so hungry when I look at the pictures again.

Happy weekend everybody!



Thursday, August 06, 2009

Find the BEST Hotel Rate HERE!
I travel around quite often not only in the states but also to South East Asia. When I get the chance to travel back to Malaysia, I will try to take a trip to other nearby countries for vacation. I tend to make wise decisions on getting hotel rooms. I need a good hotel room which is located strategically in the city so I can conveniently visit to places around.

No one wants to pay too much for a hotel room so you need to know the cleverest way to book your hotel room. Have you heard about If the answer is NO, then you should bookmark this site right now. Whenever you need to get a hotel room either for vacation or business trip, this is the site you should visit. is the world's no. 1 hotel search engine and now they need more people to know about their great service. is doing good by donating $20 to charity everytime people blogs about it. Also, they are paying $10 for a tweet and $5 for becoming a fan of their Facebook page. Let's help them spread to word to the others so they can donate to the charity what they normally would have had to spend on advertising. Spread The Word For Charity now everybody!

I have checked out some hotel rates at the site and they are totally cheaper than how much I used to pay for. I am talking about 25% cheaper!!! I am glad that I know about this site now and I will never ever pay way too much for hotel rooms! Now, I am going to become a fan of their Facebook page to know more about them!


I am craving for...
Everyone knows me LOVE sushi... and guess what I am craving for RIGHT NOW!!! Damn... I miss Malaysia....... the FOOD!!! I am craving for this Salmon pasta which served with many roasted black sesame. Yuuummmy!!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Win Yourself a Trip!
This is a good news for Canadians out there. I am biting my fingers now because I can't take part of this contest. This contest is awesome. Let me tell you more about this contest now.

Stouffers-Panini has many delicious products and I love to have some lean cuisines for lunch sometimes. This on going contest is to promote the launch of 4 new varieties which are Bistro Meatballs & Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables & Goat Cheese and Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka. You now can take part in this contest to win one of the three $10,000 cash prizes, a Sony Digital Camcorder and instant product prizes!

If you are the grand prize winner, you could win the $10,000 cash and travel to the destination of your dream. There are four places that you can choose from which are France, Greece, Italy or India. Try out Stouffer's Panini new products and see where your taste takes you.

For secondary prizes, there are 12 Sony digital camcorders with value of $500 each to win. Even if you don't have any luck to win neither grand or secondary prize, you still have the chance to win their products by entering only one unique UPC code per day.

This is totally a great contest, isn't it? But this contest is only available for Canadians. Please visit to today to find out more about this contest. You should not miss this chance to win yourself a trip! register here and try your luck today!

Some pictures taken in Malaysia
I want to upload some pictures that taken in my Malaysia trip few months ago. I always love being at home with my family, my friends... Missing them terribly!

My dearie parents and brother!

John with my cool brothers!

My loving parents!

Pictures above were taken at my father's 60th birthday. Also, my parents were celebrating their 30th anniversary that day too. We invited some relatives over and had a great dinner together. I believe my dad enjoyed his moment very much that night. Love you dad!

Summer in Branson
You wish to go somewhere for a vacation with your family before school starts and you don't have any idea where to go. How about Branson, Missouri? Branson is magnificent interesting city that your whole family will find endless fun there.

There are many things you can do at Branson. Branson has lakes, museums, theme parks shopping and live entertainment theaters that you can easily reach from your hotel. You can't miss out the spectacular one-of-a-kind water fountain with a light and fire display choreographed to music in the town square. This is definitely a I want to see with John when we are there.

John and I are really planning on a vacation before this summer ends and Branson is a city that I want to visit badly. I am all ready for the outlet mall shoppings, Hollywood Wax Museum, the Polynesian Island Fire Show and the Cirque Montage. Too bad that John doesn't play golf anymore because there are two beautiful golf course in Branson. A weekend getaway is exactly what we are wanting. We plan to arrive at Branson at the Friday afternoon and spend two days there. I want to visit to one of the nice restaurants in Branson for dinner and then visit to the town square to see the water fountain. I believe that will be very entertaining show that I cannot miss. Saturday will be my shopping day. I don't think John would like to join me so he will make his trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum. I am thinking to spend 6 hours to shop and we will go for the Polynesian Island Fire show at night. This is basically what we plan to do when we are at Branson but I know there might be some spontaneous changings when we find out more about Branson.
Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel are having summer package promotion. I like the location of these two hotels and I will have to pick one when we have the trip to Branson. There is this Hilton Visa Summer Savings going on around. We will get 25% off off their best available rate when you book and pay for your stay with your Visa Signature or Visa Infinite credit card.

I really need a vacation to get way from this summer heat. I wish to enjoy some cocktails in nice restaurants in Branson. Also, I want to shop around the outlet mall, beautiful antique shops and specialty boutiques till I drop.

Don't you need a weekend getaway with your love one in this summer? Book your stay with Hilton Hotels now and enjoyr yourself to the max in Branson!

1 of the BEST burgers in TEXAS!
John and I went to 1 of the best Burgers in Texas today for lunch. This restaurant's name is Kelly's Eastside and it is located at Avenue K. I ordered a southwestern burger which is the signature popular burger and John ordered himself a cheese mushroom burger.

The price of the food in their menu is reasonable and I believe not only they make delicious burgers, I want to try out other dishes in their menu one day.

John prohibited me to take my digi cam to the lunch so I only managed to snap some pictures with my phone camera so the quality is not good.


Monday, August 03, 2009

Get Ready to go back to Campus!!!
"This post was sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine."

Parents cannot be any busier than this time around the year as they have to prepare their kids to go back to school. You might find yourself helpless if your first kid is leaving the house and about to move in the campus for college. You don't know how and where to start with everything. SEARS is the place you should go and all the troubles in your mind will be solved.

Sears has designed 5 different dorm room themes this years at their site Campusready and I believe that will help most parents to have a better idea what they can do for their kids. I personally like the funky femme theme. Light pink and white painted walls with fuschia pink and black furniture. You can get everything you see in the picture from Sears with reasonable price.

Besides setting up the dorm room for your kid, you definitely need to check on the checklist several times to make sure your kids have everything necessary with them when they are away from you. They definitely need a laptop, a TV, a microwave, a compact refridgerator and an iron. The list can go on and on from there.

Also, we cannot forget to get them clothings that they need for college. You don't have to spend a fortune in this as Sears has pretty neat collection of clothings that come with affordable price. Go get your girl few pair of nice jeans, either Dickies 5-Pocket Skinny Pant or Levi's ® 518™ Boot. Also, young teenage girls cannot live without some Junior's graphic tees. There are many to choose from at Sears Junior clothings department.

Parents who has financial problem can seek for financial tips from Sears site online for themselves and also their kids. You can now go on to their site and look at their payment chart. You can easily make the affordable payment every month by using Sears credit card.

Sears is now at Facebook. For facebook users, you can go to CampusReady at Facebook to ensure your college kid has an easy transition into the college arena. There is one more exciting news from Sears, you now can enter for your chance to win money toward your child’s college tuition from Sears and Upromise! A total of $25,000 will be awarded for the winner. Upromise members are automatically entered with a purchase through, or you can enter free at To find out more about this contest, please see for full rules and complete details.