Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Xi Gong Xi~ 恭喜恭喜
Today is the 1st day of Chinese New Year and it is the year of PIG! =)
!!!This is the 2nd time in my life that I dint get to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. Hmmm... Hopefully coming years I have the opportunity to fly home and celebrate CNY with my family. The 1st time I had CNY without my family was the year I studied in Scotland. But 8 of us, all gals did cook a nice and yummy reunion dinner at the day before CNY. Time flies, and I really miss those days I studied in Scotland.

Anyway, I did buy a new RED top for the 1st day of CNY. I put it on to lunch and guess what me and John did after lunch? We went for a motorbike ride!!! Weather is warmer today and its been more than a year I never had a ride on his FAT BOY! John always excited to go a ride with me and honestly I dont show much interest, hehe~ Since today is the very new beginning of the year, I decided to enjoy this ride as much as I could. Well, I have to put on the helmet which I think it looks cute (or maybe stupid) on me~ haha~ Its a 30 mins ride around the block and it was fun! =)

At this very beginning of PIG year, I wish everyone all the best. Good health, Good wealth, Stay happy forever, Stay beautiful forever, Stay handsome forever。。。 and... WORLD PEACE ~ hahahaha... stupid me!

This is a sweet piggy bank I bought from hobby-lobby. I just love it~

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wow~ I got some yarn as my BD presents!
Today is not as cold as past few days. We actually planned to go to the fort wort zoo with Diana (John's sister) but we think the weather was still too windy for that. Ended up, Diana took us to a LYS which is near her house. That is a nice small yarn shop at the corner lot. Diana wanted to buy me some yarns for my birthday. Wow... she spoiled me too much!!! I would never ever got enough yarn in my life. Woo hoo~

While I was exploring the shop, John and Diana kinda looking around as well. There are many fancy yummy yarn in the shop but personally I think the price is abit too expensive. At first, I picked out a pretty sock yarn. I like the color combinations in this sock yarn. After walking few rounds in the shop, I decided to get some beautiful color wool yarn for felting project~ As it shown in the picture, you can tell I picked out gorgeous blue, pink and green wool. These 3 colors look soo good together already! I am going to make some purse with these yarn.

I guess those beautiful yarns did attract Diana a lot. Eventually she wants me to teach her knitting~ I am always more than willing to teach in knitting! So I got her to choose her favourite yarns first. Then get her a pair of needles. These are all she needs to start her very first project, which is a SCARF~ a "2 knit, 2 purl" scarf.
=) She is a good beginner knitter. She learned real fast and she have the " knit , purl " going on quite good! Proud of her! Keep up all the good work dear~

I am knitting the Eyelet Rib Bandeua at the moment. But I will modify the pattern abit. Instead up knitting the front bands separately and seam it to the body, I decide to pick up stitch at the edge and crchet the bands. I will make a removable strap in this project as well~ This is just a brief idea I have now. We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Turbo Hand~
Before I show you guys what I have MADE for the last week, I want to show you my Ingrid. I have finished it and it is sooo soft. I wish I could do better in the sleeves seaming, maybe I should read up some books about finishing and seaming. Any suggestion ladies?

Pattern: Ingrid from Louisa Harding Yarns - Winter's Muse Classics

Yarn: Nashua Handknits worsted 75% wool, 25% Alpaca 100g, 200meters - 5 1/2 balls

needle: 3.25mm and 4mm

I have tuned myself into the "Turbo" mode for a week, I've been knitting, knitting and knitting. I have completed 2 other projects in past week. Those are simple and quick projects but I think they are sweet. What do you think? =) I knitted a simple shrug and crocheted the edge. And... I made a felted tote, added two cute crocheted flowers on it. Not bad huh? hehe~

I love this simple shrug that soo easy to make.

This is another combination project of knitting and crocheting~

I have received the Interweave Knit Spring and found few interesting projects that I want to knit so badly. Too many patterns... too many! And you know what, I am spoiled by my SP9 too much! Janet sent me another package and I got it right a day before the Valentines~ Dear Janet sent me a ball of white wool yarn, to do some kool-aid dying projects. How nice!!! I am planning to do a multicolor dying though~ HAve to read up some dying tutorials for sure! Thanks again Janet! Muaksss !

Thursday, February 08, 2007

THey Come ToGether!
Nina came over last night to learn knitting. She wanted to knit a blanket as her very first project and I suggested to knit a cushion cover instead. I really think its better to knit something small/regular size before trying any big knitting project. She agreed with me and I taught her the simplest stitch which is the garter stitch. She is having fun working rows and rows. So far she is doing pretty good! She is using a soft acrylic yarn for this project and its a pretty good cheap yarn!

We went out together today and we had great time shopping around. Well, I bought another ball of yarn for my Ingrid and smart you would have figured out that I bought some more YARNS!!! Well, story goes this way... This nice lady came up to us and told us that there are some clearance yarns at the back corner, which are discounted for 50 -75%!!! I glanced through all the yarns very quick and most of them are furry-funky yarns which dont interest me at all! But luckily, I found this very sweet cotton yarn. Eventhough there were not much colour options left, I still able to picked out this! A color that I never try before. Its deep brown. Funny brand name ---> King Skipper! 100% Cotton. 50gram. 120meters. Suggested needle 3.5mm-4mm. There were only 6balls left so I bought all. Thats enough to knit a short sleeve top. The price? Its 3.60usd per ball after discount.

I checked my mail box and somethings were waiting for me beautifully there~ All my knitting magazines and books arrived. They come together at the same day! Thats sweet! Wow... I love those Jap knitting books. Those patterns are just gorgeous. But I found that there are some stitches that I never make before. Need to spend some times to figure that out. I know someone who is very good in knitting Jap patterns. Will definitely search help from her when necessary!

Yummy yummy yarns and patterns~ Wish I have another pair of hands though.

Working on the sleeve
I know that I won't have enough yarn to finish the sleeve for my Ingrid. I need to buy another ball tomorrow. I have blocked the body part few days ago and its so soft lying on the carpet. Really can't wait to put it on.

I have chosen some silver round buttons for the cropped jacket and I got some compliments from family members when I wore it last weekend. I think I will wear this jacket very often as I really like this sweet yellow colour. This will definitely the knitted garment that I wear the most so far.

Pattern: Cropped Jacket from Mag.Rebecca 31

Yarn: Sugar n Cream Yellow 5balls (5 x 4oz)

Needle: 4.5mm

<I have ordered few knitting books and magazines lately but they are not here yet. Been checking my mail box impatiently everyday. Really can't wait to receive my keitodama so I can pick out a nice pattern and start knitting my mom something. I have bought some nice cotton yarns and they are soo ready for new projects. I checked on the Phildar website and there is a GREAT magazine that I wish to own so much!!! I tried so hard not to purchase it. I have actually filled up all the particular details in the payment method and its just a button away I would have ordered it. Haha~ Well, I will give myself 5-days time, if I still can't forget about this book, then I will definitely order it!!! ITs sooo gorgeous! I always have this dilemma when I knit at the last sleeve. Its like it takes forever to complete. Eeerrrrr...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Its my birthday!!!
I have a wonderful birthday weekend. It started from Friday. This is the first birthday I gotta spend with John since we met at 1999. So this is a meaningful one. He been planning out good this weekend to spoil me real good. We went out for a Italian dinner at Friday night, and I bought some yarn from my LYS after dinner. =) We did little shopping as well and I bought a pair of jeans that really fits me well. It really made my day. DH made some real good margarita for me for the whole night. And I was relaxed knitting my Ingrid, watching tv.

I was waken up by phone calls from home in the early Saturday morning. My dear family members and best friends called up and gave me the very best birthday wishes. I am very touched. Especially I got a call from my parents as well. I really really miss them! But I know very soon then I will be seeing them again!

I dint knit much today. Woke up at noon and went out have a great lunch in my favourite vietnam noodles restaurant. Then I picked my birthday present with my DH in Dillards. John bought me a Coach handbag and a nano IPod as birthday present. I really like them alot. I spent quite some times to pick out the handbag. There are just too many nice design to choose.

I always celebrate my birthday with my family and good friend. So this year is very special to me since its the very first year I have it with John. Thanks God that I am blessed with this loving man. And I really appreciate what he has done for me!

I dont think I ever posted a picture of me and John. Here is the very first picture. Love you baobei!

Happy birthday to me. I wish that... I can have more and more yarn to knit, I can be prettier and prettier... and I can visit home as often as I wish! * What a greedy me ! * by the way... its my 27th bd!

My birthday present! >o<