Friday, September 07, 2007

Goodbye Summer Sale
I always believe, everything happens for a reason. Today, I woke up amazingly earlier compared as usual. I was already checking my email at 8am. Around 9 something, I received an email from Jill Brown. Well, thats the name of Woolie Ewe owner. I am always excited whenever I receive email from Woolie Ewe. This time, she din't disappoint me. Its an announcement for the Goodbye Summer Sale! Duh? Yes! Yarn sales is on! This time, 35% all yarn with cotton and 50% to Jaeger entire stock! No kidding! The cotton yarn sales is for 2 days only and Jaeger sales is on until the entire stock gone. I yelled out happily and told John to drop me there as soon as possible.

I was at Woolie Ewe at 10am. I was one of the early bird! hehe! Well, a lady who works there told me Jaeger will be discontinued in US and they wont make them anymore. She led me to the Jaeger corner and I spotted few nice color right away. Very quickly I picked up the olive green merino DK and they are just as yummy as always. Immediately, there was this little voice spoke to me :" you have way too many GREEN yarn at home! Stop it! Pick something else! WAY TOO MANY GREEN!" I rolled my eyes and put the olive green back reluctantly and very fast I picked up a eggplant one. Again, that little voice came up again! " Hey, purple again? Come on! Pick something else ! " Alright, alright! I will buy some new color this time ok? Finally I picked Yellow! Such a long time I din't use yellow yarn. It is a sweet baby yellow, Jaeger Matchmaker merino 4 ply. I grabbed 8 balls and make sure they are same in same dye lot!

I moved to another aisle, and I saw Siena! Hmmm... not many color left but I saw at least THREE color that I love. Too bad, they were like 3 or 4 balls left for most of those color so not many options for me. You should know my love to Siena and there were this light pink and corn yellow for me to choose. I grabbed the light pink first, but then I realized they were not in the same dye lot so I gave up. The yellow is pretty! Nice sheen on it! I spent more than 10 mins there, being so indecisive, back and forth between the yellow and another brown one. Finally, I chose the Yellow.

Enough with the Jaeger! I turned around and saw ALL the Rowan Glace were right in front of me! Damn, walk away now! I din't bother to find out what the price is after 35% discount because I know I would have gotten some! Its so hard to resist you know? Then I came to another sessions fulled of cotton blend yarn! ooh....aaaahhh.... so pretty, so yummy! I spotted the Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy - cool blue. 5.95usd before discount! Hmmm... 50gm 140meter! Hmmm... 23st x 32st = 4"! Hmmm... 3.5mm needle! OK! 6 balls is enough for a blouse! OK! I will get it!

Oops! John said he would come back to pick me up 30 min later. I was at least 5 min passed the time. Ok ok, better line up and pay now! So I carried the basket filled with 22balls yarn waiting in the line. Of course, my eyes were still glancing around while I was immobile. Wait a minute! Isn't that Jaeger Pure Silk??? Are they 50% off as well??? Very fast I thought of the shawl I want to knit. I am supposed to get some nice silk yarn for the shawl right? The lady at the counter definitely can read my mind. She said, that was Jaeger Silk and they are 50% off too!!! I went up and peeked at the price first! 24.50usd before discount and I need at least 3 balls to knit the shawl. Forget it Kitman! You have already overspent!!!

I left the shop with a bag of yarn and John was in the car waiting, showing me a funny face! I hopped in the car happily and showed off the yarn I got to him. Of course I also told him how much I spent on them. He raised up his voice and went :" What? 83 dollars? after 50% discount? Damn gal!" Hehe, I know! I bought many yarn this month! I really know! Next sales would be 29-30th of Dec if not mistaken! hehe! But tomorrow is the last day of Goodbye Summer Sale, I still can get some nice discount cotton yarn. I am really tempted to go again tomorrow honestly!

Anyway, since Jaeger will be discontinued I think most of the online yarn company will have sales on Jaeger yarn soon! Really, we all should keep an eye on all the sales!