Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Balloon Festival + Mooncake Festival
John was away for 5 days and I'd been home alone. He came home at Friday noon. There was a 3 days Balloon Festival in Plano and we had a bike ride to see the balloon in that evening. This was the first time I saw so many big air balloon in the air. Its really really nice!!! We stopped at a field and I tried to snap some pictures but too bad, can't really see them good though.

Business in ETSY was good last week and I was very busy knitting. I completed the pink shrug and had it shipped yesterday. One more shrug to go, GamBaTeh!!! Want to start a vest but my mind is still all blanked! Well, I should be honest and tell the truth! Actually, I have been spending most of the time playing Nintendo DS. Haha~ I am so addicted to the sudoku in brainAge 2. Can't stop playing it!

Today is Mooncake festival, a.k.a midautumn festival. There is no celebration here and I don't bother to buy any mooncake from the chinese grocery store here because they are damn expensive. This is a special occasion that family members will get reunion together, watching the full moon, eating mooncake, drinking tea and playing lanterns. Its just sad I am so far away from my family and can't celebrate this with them! Miss my family a lot! * loves *