Saturday, September 26, 2009

BIG Gifts from Charter AGAIN!
If you have been following my blog, you surely know about the laptop give away from Charter. Charter was giving away a laptop everyday for two months in the past and now, a better gift is going to surprise everyone. Charter is going to give away a new Camaro! Yes, Sweet Camaro that you see in Transformer. The big thing is, it is just not any Camaro, it is the awesome 2010 Camaro 2ss.

At Charter, everyone talks about the fast service they provide. When they say fast, it means the services are as fast as the Camaro. This new 426 hp Camaro is one of the hardest cars to get in North America. Now, you have the chance to win one. This contest runs from September 15 through November 26 at noon. You hear so much good things about Charter and you want to try out their services badly. It is the good time you should subscripe their services and seize the chance to win yourself a sweet Camaro.

In addition, you can get a $100 gift card when you buy 3 Charter services, a $50 gift card for 2 services, and a $25 gift card when you buy 1 Charter service. Those gift cards are from major retailers in clothing, home and accessories, restaurants and more! Winners can definitely get some good uses out of the cards.

If you are very interested in the contest that I mention above, please visit to to register today and to view the complete rules, specifications on the Camaro Sweepstakes and more. Not only you can follow the latest updates from Charter's site, you now can find more about Charter on Facebook. Also, you can find Charter on Twitter.


Fall in Love with Malabrigo
I just knew I have to get more and more of Malabrigo when
I had my hand first touch on it. They are soo soft and the colors are gorgeous.
I have already made three scarves out of 3 skeins of Malabrigo worsted weight.
I can't say how much I love them!


Thursday, September 03, 2009

If I were my Laptop...
If I were my laptop, I know for sure I will always be a happy laptop. I take care of my laptop very well because I can't take any risk of losing it. I do most of my daily activities with my laptop so I am very cautious with everything I do with it. I make sure I won't visit to any virus infected site and I always make sure to clean or vault all possible harmful spywares.

If I were my laptop, I am pretty sure that I am a HP DIVA because I sing good and I perform well. I play wonderful songs for my owner at least 3 hours a day and I am happy when my owner is happy with my performance. Also, I am proud to be able to connect my owner with her family back home in Malaysia. Through my eye, they can see each other and through my mouth and ears, they can talk and listen to each other too. I am built to be multi-tasking and I handle all my task very well.
Eventhough my laptop is already 2 years old, it still functions and performs very well. White is always my favourite color for most of the things I purchase so the HP laptop I have now is in snow white. I still love it as much as when I first saw it!

Do you love your laptop as much as I do? Or you are actually thinking to get a new one because you are not happy with the current laptop or pc? You should now visit to HP Home Store since they are having promotions. Check out the $30 stackable site-wide coupon at their site and also,
you could get $30 off with orders $150 or greater at HP Home Store. The coupon code that you have to use is SV2132.

This promotion valids through 31st October or while supplies last. So if you have something you feel like getting from HP, this is the right time! It will not cost you a fortune to get a new good laptop anymore. Pick one HP laptop that you really like, and let it presents the best of itself for you!

Snow White is in Treasury
I received a convo from Irena (vivevirak) at ETSY
informing me that one of my products was picked by her in treasury.
That is soo exciting! I clicked in the link she gave
and there I saw my Snow White scarf =)

Thanks for picking my scarf Irena~
This makes my day!!! Weeeeee~~~