Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nikon Black Friday Ultimate Hunter's Package Deal
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All these come together in a great package, saving $144.90 on high quality hunting equipment.
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Thanksgiving Sales at Woolie Ewe
I stayed up real late at the Thanksgiving day, like 4am only I went to bed. But I managed to wake up at 5 hours later. I din't know why I woke up so early its not like I had any special shopping plan on that day. But like I always believe, everything happens for a reason. I yelled out loud after I read the email from Woolie Ewe. Aaaahhh, they are having Thanksgiving appreciation Sales on Friday and Saturday, ALL Rowan yarn and books are 50% discount!!! Hey, it is Rowan!!! Ok, I looked the clock and it was 9.30am, I got myself ready in 10 minutes and left to Woolie Ewe in my handsome Rudolph (my chevy).

It only takes me 8 minutes or so to reach there. I can tell they are not opened yet but I waited patiently in my car till 10am sharp. At the same time while I was waiting, I looked around the cars that parked next to me and I realized there were few women just like me, in their cars waiting for the shop to open. Aaahh, what a gang of lovely knitters we are!

I have used Rowan cashsoft before and now knitting with felted tweed. I have to say I am very happy with them. Guess what I grab yesterday? I got some cashsoft again, cotton 4 ply, and some kids classic. Ohh, they are so lovely and gorgeous. It won't be too hard to figure out what color I picked this time. Purple!!! Yes, most of the mare mainly in Purple color.

Besides Rowan, I got some ella Rae wool as well to knit a scarf. I love yarn shopping. That is not done yet, I will go Michaels and Jo Ann for some Patron yarn. They are on sales as well! So many projects and so little time. I been knitting like crazy lately no joking!!! But I enjoy it! =)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Don't Miss the Deal!
Black Friday is all about shopping, isn't it? Have you done any shopping today? Grab any good deal? It is not too late yet because I am going to tell you the great deals Charter Communication is having now. Not only they have the Black Friday sales, but they also have the Cyber Monday deals coming up.

You can purchase Charter’s Ultimate Bundle or any of the Charter Services separately, including Charter High-Speed® Internet, Charter Digital Home™ and Charter Telephone™. With all the purchase of the great offers from Charter Communications, different value of gift card will be given away with the purchase. And you can get the free gift card of you choice, eg:Macy's, CVS Pharmacy, Applebees, Old Navy and many others.

By paying the price of $165.97 every month, you get the Charter Communications Ultimate Service Bundle. This bundle comes with 10 Mbps high speed Internet, Digital Home, Charter HD, Sports View, Digital View, HBO/Cinemax, Starz/Encore, Showtime/The Movie Channel. Also, you get the unlimited calling. A $250 Gift card will be given with this purchase AND you even have the a chance to win an X-Box 360 game console.

Not satisfied with your current home communication services? Then you should think about the great offers at Charter Communications.


My Craft Room

My craft room is painted in my favourite color light lilac and white at least four months ago. And we had the wood floor done as well. I have started moving in my yarn, some of my clothes and accessories into that room after Andy gave me few piece nice furniture for storage.

I have not taken any picture yet of the room with furniture but I would like to show you the color of the room and also the wood floor. I love my craft room.

I will take some more nicer pictures to show the whole clean wood floor next week. I want to buy a nice arm chair, a stand light and a rug to put in the room.
Meaningful Gift
This year's holiday season is just around the corner. I know many people are squeezing their brain juice to pick the best gifts for their loved ones. As everyone of us continue to face looming economic challenges, the desire to give meaningful and affordable gifts to special friends and loved ones is now more important than ever.
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For women who are not pregnant, C'elle's groundbreaking technology enables women to collect and cryopreserve stem cells for potential cellular therapies that may emerge in the future. these stem cells may possibly be used as well in the future to benefit other family members who are genetically related to the donor, such as a parent, sibling or child to treat a number of possibly life-threatening diseases including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
Come to think about it, Cryo-Cell and C'elle are both very meaningful gifts to be given away to those who you care about. To know more about these service, you can read about the C'elle Client Testimonial online.



A Heart Warming Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!!! I think I might be a abit late to wish everyone this but I do hope everybody had a great fantastic Thanksgiving. This is the 2nd time I had thanksgiving in the States.

I won't be joining the crowd queueing in real morning for black Friday sales because I don't have anything that I want to buy. Oh, I forgot that I have actually just bought someone online. haha~ yeah, I finally got myself a set of knitpicks interchangable options needles. They are on sales now and you can purchase with the price of 50usd. Can't wait to get them.

Have you have any turkey today? I have two in a day. We went to Diana's for lunch and then went to my parents in laws for dinner. Both turkeys are so delicious. I love turkey as long as you cooked them real moist and juicy. Yummy!!! I had some real good pies as well!!! Home made pies!!!

Thanksgiving is the special occasion that you spend with your family, your love one and be thankful of what God has been providing. I deeply appreciate what I have and am real thankful for God's provision. I here pray for everyone important in life that they all will be blessed with good health, healthy mental! Be happy everybody!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When I was in the college, three close friends of mine had undergone Lasik operations and they love the decisions that they had made because they do not have to deal with any prescribed eye glasses or contact lenses anymore.

Modern LASIK, also known as the iLASIK™ Procedure. It uses two lasers nowadays instead of one which was used in earlier versions of the procedure. In the first stage of iLASIK, wave-front technology maps the unique characteristics of the individual’s eyes. Then, an ultra fast, computer-guided laser creates a corneal flap. This laser replaces the handheld micro-keratome blade used in older forms of LASIK technology and makes the procedure exceptionally safe. After the flap is created, the wave-front mapping data guides a second laser for vision correction. The combination of these advanced laser technologies create a custom-fit procedure clinically proven to provide excellent safety and visual results.

It is very important for NASA members or military civilians to have good eye sights for their performance at jobs. LASIK has been tapped by the Department of Defense (DOD) and NASA to improve the vision of specialized personnel who are facing extreme, physically demanding conditions. LASIK technologies have drastically benefited civilians for more than five years.

Based on all the facts and statistics shown above, iLASIK is definitely a very safe laser vision correction technology. You can visit to and know more about LASIK information. It is the time for you to say goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses.

A Day Before Thanksgiving

I knew my LYS is going to close earlier for Thanksgiving tomorrow but I forgot what time exactly. So I woke up at 11am this morning (I stayed up till 3.30am) and made myself there at the LYS at 12.05pm. Guess what, my favourite yarn store has its doors shut on me. aaaa!!! I was like 5 minutes late. Freaking 5 minutes.

I need to get one more skein of Cascade Lana D O'ro which I think 2 skeins are not enough for my current project. Also, I accept another scarf order this morning and I need to go get a dark green wool yarn for it. Sigh, I was 5 minutes late so I can only go back on Friday. Poor me!
Green is always my favourite color. I have attached 2 green color yarn for my client to pick and guess which one is her favourite?! The first one. I like that green very much too! Basically I LOVE all green. hehe~

I think most of the knitters know about 2-stripe Noro Scarf. Not that I am not tempted to make one, but the yarn itself costs too much. A price range of 40-50dollars for yarn to make a scarf, that is really out of my budget. But yesterday, after I look at Yarn Harlot and BrooklynTweed version again, I really have to give it a second thought. I just have to say, the yarn is so perfect to knit this scarf. I am pretty sure I will look at Noro yarn in my next trip to LYS.

Noro Scarf by Yarn Harlot

Noro Scarf by Brooklyntweed

Gifts Under $25
We are facing the economy recession now. I bet everyone is trying their best to cut down unnecessary spending. But Christmas is just around the corner, we have gifts to buy for our family members and friends. These kind of spending are totally unavoidable.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ave Maria
I can't remember when was the first time I listened to Ave Maria. But I am pretty sure John was the one who told me the name of this song. It is a very beautiful song most Catholics know. John has this song in his play list for Christmas every year.

Kelly Clarkson sang this song in live for Pope when Pope visited to USA this year. I watched her live performance on EWTN and she got such beautiful and powerful voice. She did a real good job. Here I embed the clips of her performance for Pope from youtube and I hope you all like it too.

Motorcycle Parts
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Rowan Felted Tweed

Rowan felted tweed is such a pretty yarn. I can't really express how much I enjoy knitting with it. I got this yarn at last year LYS sales and about 2 weeks ago, I casted on to make a sweater. I finished the back piece and had it blocked last night. It is even more gorgeous after blocking. It is so soft, and the stitches show up great.

I am now knitting the front piece with cable design in the middle. I have no idea how I want the neckline to be though I but I will come up with something pretty soon. I went to the LYS this afternoon and first time I had my hands on cascade Lana D O'ro, a 50% wool and 50% alpaca yarn. I bought two skeins to knit a scarf for a etsy client. It is 2usd more expensive than cascade wool but I really think I will grab 6 skein of cascade Lana D O'ro anytime to knit a cardigan for myself. It is incredibly soft and nice to knit with.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who Can Resist New Zealand
New Zealand is always in my list, one of the countries that I want to visit before I die. I know I should have visited when I was in Malaysia because the flying distant is definitely shorter comparing to now where I am in the States.

There is a good chance now for me to win myself a free trip to New Zealand. Air New Zealand and Larry the Travel Guy are giving away two free round trip flights from LA to Auckland, New Zealand. The exciting part of this trip is, Larry the Travel Guy will feature on the trip on his site while Air New Zealand pays for the bill. Who won't want to win this wonderful trip?

Larry the travel guy, travels around the world, intent on discovering new places, people and cultures. Hence the genesis of this site, Larry the Travel Guy, because he wanted to introduce a sense of travel, awareness and adventure to the online environment and share a glimpse of travel from his perspective. I visited to his site and looked at some clips about this traveling around the world. I can only say I wish I was him and get to visit to so many beautiful places.

If I ever won this trip to New Zealand, I will want to spend good time visiting Auckland. Not only because I have friends there that I want to meet up with, but I also want to see the 48 extinct volcano’s including the spectular perfectly conical Rangitoto Island in the middle of the harbor. I saw some pictures of my friend taken there before and it is such a breath taking place.

Also, I want to visit to some sheep farms at New Zealand. You know how much I love wool. That will be a great experience to shave some wool from sheep. I know I will enjoy that very much! I want to yell out loud from my chest now that I want to win this trip!

Pretty Sweaters

Victoria's Secret always has nice sweater designs which inspire me to knit one for myself. This season, I spotted few nice designs in their catalogue. It is so pretty. They are with cable and lace. If you know me well by now, I can hardly resist design with cable and lace.

Weather is really freezing and I wish to get a nice black wool jacket. Also, I want a pair of boots. Oh ya, I have completed my wish list and so ready to pass it to the rest of my family members. I plan to write up Christmas card tomorrow and have them sent out this weekend. It is time to get busy for coming Christmas! I love Christmas~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Super Charger!
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Oreo Cheesecake

John came home from Arizona yesterday and I picked him up
from the airport real early in the morning.
I made him a welcome home oreo cheesecake that he requested.
It turned out real good and we all love it.
I think I will make this again real soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Naked Brothers Band
I watch cartoon almost everyday with John. Spongebob and Jimmy Neutron are the shows that we enjoy watching the most in the morning. The first time I saw the Naked Brother Band was on Nickelodeon. The band is formed by two cute brothers with few other kids and they sing and play instruments very well. You will be amazed see their performance on the stage based on their age. There are few songs that they do are pretty good. The one that I like the most is "I don't want to go to school".
If you like the Naked Brother Band as much as my nephews do, you will know the Naked Brother Band will have their movie "Operation Mojo" aired at Nickelodeon soon. As part of their new premier, Nat and Alex Wolff will have a live chat with their fans on this Saturday, 22nd November.

In the movie, Nad happens to has lost his Mojo and the whole story is about how the band heads to the woods for some Dudification and to find Nad's mojo back. It is a movie that most of the kids will enjoy very much. Parents should really spend time with their kids to watch this movie with them and have some good time together.


My Interview
The interview was arranged at some times before 3pm. I arrived that place around 2.30pm. When I stepped in the office, I saw two men there, an Indian and a Korean. Maya, the assistant girl who talked to me through phone was away. These two men were in their nice suit, talked loud. Talked like lawyers I would say.

They say hi to me and told me the main boss was not around. I can sit for a while waiting for his return. The office is not too big but there are 3, 4 rooms within the office. After 20 minutes or so, Maya came back with a big smile. She is a sweet 21yr old Taiwanese girl who grow up at Texas for most of her life. She speaks totally like an american kid and she speaks good mandarin too. Very impressive. That is how I wish i could raise my kid to be in the future. Anyway, she was nice to brief me the job scope, the daily task. She did that real quickly and I can tell she is real good in what she does. But you know what, she only works for 1 month and I am really amazed with her performance.

Phone rang non-stop and Maya was busy answering phone, making notes for the lawyers. I was standing aside, observing everything. It is a real busy office. Another 20 minutes passed by, here the lawyer came in. A stylish lawyer, with branded clothings from top to toe.

He gave me a big hi once he noticed me. The next thing he did was giving me an assignment, he told me to look up information about ATVs. What is ATV? Ok, Lets google I told myself. So, it is all terrain vehicle. Ok, this stylish lawyer want me to get some information about ATV. He wanted the ATV manufacturers in the states. It took me a while to understand what exactly he wanted. I knew he was testing me, put me on tast to show my capability. I bet I ruined it big time. Anyway, I managed to get an article about the 2008 ATV annual award of a ATV magazine. Here he received that with his head nodded and said, Good , good!

After that, he been busy again, dealing with other co-workers in his office. I went to Maya desk, talked to her and tried to understand more about the whole situation. Maya is a real sweetheart. She gave me the best help she could. I really appreciate it.

Time passed by fast and it was already 5pm. I had no idea what I should do. I mean, I don't think I had a real interview with the lawyer yet. Then the lawyer called me and Maya in, told Maya to give me new assignment to do and get back to him later. What I have to do now is reseraching on Political, religion asylum and translate whatever I gather into Chinese.

So, I left the office with an assignment. And I have no idea when I have to go back again. Maya said I can go in on Monday. I think I need to pass some tasks he gives only I will be considered huh?!

Anyway, it is a good experience to see what the working environment of a law office is. I like to see how smart people work. You know how those lawyers talk, don't you? I will start looking up for the information about the Asylum and work on it this weekend. Even if I won't be taken, I think it is really a cool experience. I don't know about the working hours yet and also the pay. haha~ So, thats a cool interview experience I had.
Shop at Kmart Online!
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Women Fragance - Gift Set!

The Ulta beauty catalogue arrived yesterday and I just browsed through it. They are so many cute packaging fragrance on the market. There are three brands which are designed in sweet pink. They are so pretty. So far I only experielike itnce the Fancy by Jessica Simpson. Honestly, I like it eventhough I don't like Jessica. haha~ And I like the bottle shape. So pretty! For the Lovely and Princess... I need find out their fragant when I visit to ULTA next week. I like Princess bottle design. Sooo nice!!!