Friday, September 28, 2007

I am a FAST knitter!

I really want to award myself as a FAST knitter! I have so much joy and fun knitting the olive vest until I am so reluctant to start the shrugS. I have knitted till the waist. You see the lace pattern? I have 2 shrug orders to complete in two weeks as I am flying back to Malaysia at 11th next month. I bet you hear me screaming out yippee yippee here like a kid! It always feel GREAT to go home! It is so easy to buy flight ticket nowadays. You don't have to go to the agent, what you have to do is just to make a call and the e-ticket will be sent to you.

I am always a last minute person. I only pack my bag like the night before. There is no exception this time. I was a last minute student in school as well, thats why my mom always said I could have done better if I don't do things my lazy way.

Almost everyone been asking me how my wedding preparation is. They make me feel that I should be very busy but honestly, I am still relaxed as always, having a very calm pulse around 75 per minute. Ok, I know I still have many things to do but I will only get them to my nerves when I arrive Malaysia and have my girl friends do that with me.

So this is an entry to announce officially about my trip going home for my wedding. Can't be too excited about Malaysia food because I still try my best to shed off another 10lbs or so before end of November. Thanks, I hear you! I know I can make it! Thanks for all the sincere support but believe me, its HARD! Its hard to do that in Malaysia when foods are GREAT and CHEAP!

Anyway, I will go home with my addi babies and yarns for a sweater. Now, my mission is to finish the vest and two shrugs. Again, I hear you! Yes, I can make it! YEAHHH !!!