Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Lace Shawl is yelling my name!
Rona Lace Shawl

Janet Lace Shawl

Sometimes I just wish I can have another pair of hands so I can knit more than one favourite project at one time. Lately, I saw two very pretty lace shawls from knitpicks and the yarn color they used are truely gorgeous too. I personally prefer the Rona lace shawl more. I think that is a big project which will take long time to complete. I really wish to have one by fall. Are you interested in these two patterns? They are available for download with affordable price at knitpicks.

Beauty for Life
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kebabs Birthday Party
We had a birthday party for Rosanne at 18th May. That was a fantastic kebabs party. Gloria and Mike cooked delicious food and I really really love them. My mother in law baked a chocolate cake as well and I regret now for having just a small piece that time because it was very very devilishly tasty!

Gloria and Mike own a very lovely house which is not too far away from my place. They have a lovely backyard and we hanged out there before we had the dinner. Also, I played with their dog KC and cat Polly. If you remember, I told you before that I am allergic to cat. Polly is an adorable cat. Very pretty cat. I love cat and I could not help and play with her. I reminded myself, dont rub my eyes, my face and wash my hand right away after playing with her. I think I played with her for 10 minutes or so then my allergy symptoms occurred. Initially I sneezed, then I could feel my eyes started watery. Ops... getting itchy, itchier and itchier!!!! Thats killing me!!!!!!

At first, I still tried not to scratch and rub my eyes because I had my make up and mascara on.( Ya, you got the picture!) But believe me, its very very itching and torturing. I ended up rushing into the toilet to wash my whole face with cold water. My whole face was in full of red bumps then my eyes were vampire red! OH MY GOD!!! Sooo super ugly!

Ah lovely Polly!

I love cat, I love Polly but I hate allergy! Poor me! At last, I ate a Benadryl pill and Gloria got me some Visine eye drops. I rested a while in the house. After an hour or so, finally the itch stopped and the dinner start. I managed to take some pictures of the kebabs, salad and birthday cake. But I used my phone camera thats why they are not crystal clear.

The salad was soooo good~! Strawberry, baby spinach! Ah... mentioning all those foods make me hungry again! I love kebabs! Great job Mike and Gloria!!!

Before grilled

Shrimp Shrimp! Beef Beef!!!

I handknitted Rosanne a scarf using the soft twinkle 100% virgin wool. Just a simple stockinette stitch pattern. I did not get to take a picture of that scarf but I have a picture of another scarf that I made for Shirley which knitted with the same yarn. A cupcake slipped through scarf. Do you like that cupcake? A cupcake with a skirt around it, thats what my hubby comments about it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bleach Manga
I always like Japanese animation and I am glad the Japanese Bleach Manga movie is showing in the theatre at June 11th and 12th. Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student with the ability to see ghosts. His name means “First Guardian” or “He who protects.” If I was one of the characters in the Bleach Manga, I would name myself Miyuki Kaminari, which means Snow Thunder! I personally think this is a pretty and yet powerful name. I really can't wait to watch Bleach the movie: Memories of Nobody.

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Acrylic Pink and White

I had my first manicure done today and its acrylic pink and white full set. I had them in short length, square round shape. I was told to go back for filling after 2 - 3 weeks and we will see how much my nail grows! How do you like them?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't let this happen again!
It was a girl night out last Friday and everything was fantastic until I got in my car be ready to head home. One of my diamond ear rings fell off when I tried to tie up my hair. I totally freaked out because that is pair of expensive jewelry. I ran to my car boot and got my Surefire new flashlights. After three minutes of searching at my driver seat, luckily I found it! What a relieve my god! Please, I don't want this to happen anymore!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eye Candy Friday
Knitting the same pattern all over and over again
might be very boring but using different type or color of yarn
will be a totally different story.

I ordered Cascade 220 color number 8013 and 9408 from WEBS
and both colors are in brown chocolate color group.
I personally like 8013 very much.

I would like to knit myself a sweater using that yarn one day.

Happy weekends and Memorial Day to everybody!

Sweet 8013. I really really love this color.

9408 - Cordovan

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Moment . Our Glory !!!
Before Manchester United won the Premier League Champion, I already knew they will be playing versus Chelsea at the UEFA Champions League final 21st May at Moscow Russia. This is a big match, I mean really really important and big. I am so proud and excited as ManUtd make it all the way to the final and I really wish they could win the UEFA Champion as well.
I checked the TV listing and make sure the ESPN 2 is showing the game. Yes, 2.25 - 5pm 21st May. After lunch with John, I went to Kroger myself to apply for their shopping card as the Albertson is closing down and we have to shop in Kroger in the future. I managed to got home by 2.20pm. Excitedly I put on a RED t-shirt and I turned on the TV.
WHAt???!!! Game is already on for 41 minutes and ManUtd is leading 1-0. OH MY GOD! I thought the game start at 2.30pm???!!! OK, idiot me! Thats Eastern Time!!!! I missed the whole freaking 41 minute of the game. After two minutes or so, I found out Ronaldo made the first important goal at 26 minute. Well, good good! ManUtd still leading! I just wished they finished up the 1st half game with the result of 1-0. Pleaseee defend defend!!!
BUT... most of the time things just happen against your wish! Damn, Lampard managed to goal at the last 3 minutes. Aaaaahhhhh~ DRAW game now!!! DRAW!!! That means, it will be more exciting. I almost pulled off my hair when that happened.
Anyway, that is such an enjoyment to watch my favourite team playing again LIVE! I don't watch that much of soccer game once I move to USA. I just miss those old days always watching soccer match with my brother and buddy at weekends.
Well, 2nd half game is over and the result is still DRAW, 1-1. That means extra time 15 minute. After first set of extra time, STILL DRAW!!! What?!! Ok!!! Another 15 minute extra time again. And as what I predicted, they have to end the game with penalty kick!!!!
I can't handle!!!! Its blood boiling, adrenaline shooting up, heart pumping!!! To make the story short, the CHAMPION goes to MANCHESTER UNITED with a dramatic finish of penalty kick! I had my jaw dropped when I saw Chelsea missed their 5th penalty kick. (They would have won if they score that one because ManUtd Ronaldo missed the 3rd penalty kick). With the result of 6-5 penalty kick, WE WON!!! ManUtd is the UEFA champions again after 10 years. Aaahhhh AAAAaaahhhhh! Yes, I still wanna yell my excitement out eventhough the game is over like 2 hours ago. Can you feel my joy??? Excitement!!!??
Hubby watched that with me and he just teased about my craziness!!! I made him TiVo the game and rewind back and PAUSE so I can snap some pictures of those important moments! Therefore I can blog about them here!!!
Bravo to ManUtd! Credit to Sir Alex Ferguson and all the fantastic players! I love you all! Especially Van der Sar and Ryan Giggss!!! Applause!!!! Applause!!! This glory just make my day!
I am very happy! I say " M " , you say " U " !!! " M.U" "M.U" !!! Go Go Go !!!

That is the moment!!! My Van der Sar RESCUED the penalty kick!!!
That made the history!
Ryan Giggs gave Van der Sar a TIGHT hug after the victory!!!

Red DEVILS are celebrating!!!

Victory and credit belongs to Sir Alex Ferguson!!!

My MAN! Ryan Giggs 11
Giggs and Ronaldo

We are the CHAMPION!!!

Go GO Go!!! Red DEVILS!!! BRAVO!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please Vote for DAVID COOK!!!
At this moment, I just finished watching David Cook singing his 3rd song. He ended the song with tears in his eyes. I wont say he performs better than David A. But he gets my votes!!! I like him heaps!!! I will vote for him and that is the first time ever I vote for someone in American Idol. Please vote for David Cook.
The line is 1866 IDOLS 01, 1866 IDOLS 03 or 1866 IDOLS 05.



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Such wonderful service from WEBS
This is not the first time I ordered yarn from WEBS and I had ordered 5 skein of Cascade 220 from them last Monday. They are having yarn sales now and I paid 4.89usd for a skein of Cascade 220 before shipping. By Friday afternoon, yarn arrived and I opened it up excitedly as usual.
Once I opened up the package, I was stunned for a while because the yarn color was really off from what I see on the site. I know there will be a color accuracy difference due to different pc display different color. But, that is way too OFF. Those ordered yarn have to be used to knit a shrug for my ETSY client so the color does really matter.
Believe me, I was like sweating over it for few minutes, comparing the yarn in my hand to the display yarn color on my laptop screen. (I know, it is stupid and silly) After 3 minutes or so, I picked up the invoice statement and looked at the order carefully. Yarn No. 8013... wait a minute, I thought I saw the yarn label shows 8012?? I quickly grabbed a skein and looked at the label, yeah! It was 8012. That means WEBS packed the wrong yarn for me. I had such a great relieve right away because I really care about the color accuracy.
Quickly I rang the WEBS customer service and there was this sweet lady talking to me. She was nice, sweet and polite. She apologized for the mistake and she said the yarn will send to me right away. What I have to do is to ship back the wrong packed yarn to them and they will pay me back the shipping.
Yesterday, the package arrived right after I came back from the post office shipping the yarn back to them. Wow, that is quick! Lighting quick!!! I am very pleased with the service. Two thumbs up for WEBS!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I signed up for SocialSpark!
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I started blogging like 2 years ago and my blog mainly talks about my knitting hobby and life. The first site I join to make money is PayPerPost and I have to say I enjoy posting for advertisers through PPP. Lately, I come across another site which is just similar to PPP, it is SocialSpark. I signed up SocialSpark a month ago. To get verified and become a qualified member, you must have at least 20 posts in previous three months period. That means, you have to be active in blogging. After your blog submission to SocialSpark, they will get back to you in day or 2 days time to inform you if your blog is approved. And another feature is, you can add more than one blog in your profile.

After your blog is approved and accepted, you can start browsing the market opportunity and grab any that interests you. It is not hard to write a post for advertisers, there is clear guidelines in each opportunity to guide you. Also, you have to obey and follow the SocialSpark code of ethics; which are 100% auditable in post disclosure, 100% transparency, 100% real opinions and 100% search engine friendly.

Making money through blogging is not hard at all. If I could do it, so do you? Sign up SocialSpark like what I just did and start making some extra bucks!

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First ever Driving in the states
I took my road test at 18th April and I failed. After 2 weeks, I took the exam again. This time I passed and I passed with good result. Well, I am legalized to drive in the state now.
Last Wednesday, John wanted to cook beef enchiladas badly. We went grocery shopping in the afternoon and bought everything we need. But after five minutes we reached home from the supermarket, John only realized he did no get tomato paste. And he was lazy to make the second trip back to the store to get it. So, he asked me if I could drive to store and get it myself.
Honestly, I never drove alone yet after I got my license and I am still afraid to do that. But I know, I must start driving alone all by myself at one point. With the encouragements from my friends in MSN, I grabbed my car key and handbag, and hopped in my car.
The supermarket is very nearby my house. I did manage to get to the store safely without any accident and I was soo happy as I initiated my first step finally. I really want to drive more. I will need a GSP when I get a job. Right now, I have been busy sending off my resume to all the openning of pharmaceutical sales rep jobs. So far I havent heard from any of them yet and it is quite upsetting. Everyone tells me it takes time and I just wish to get a job as soon as possible.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I wish to have a new Digi Cam

DSLR is way too expensive for me right now
but I do wish to have a better Digi cam
so I can take better picture.

Canon is my priority brand option and this is what I wish to get...
12.1 Megapixel CCD...

Santa Claus, can you please visit me bit earlier this year?
Do you like paintballing?
I played paint balling once few years back with my university class mates in Malaysia. It was indeed a very interesting and fun experience. At first, I was very refused to join in the team and play the game because I know myself very well, I just can't act alert, move fast and control the paintball gun good. But my friends kept re-assuring me how fun the game could be. Well, at last I did join the game and I had so much fun! After that great experience, I always want to play paint balling again.

I talked to John about this recently and he said he wishes to try it as well. Tony is John's ex-colleague. He always invited John to go paint balling with him. John told me Tony is a big fan of paint balling. He actually owns a Tippman, a Tippman 98 Custom, his fancy paintball gun. I think he is the ideal person I should talk to if I want to play paint balling again.
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My Saturday
We were at Arlington today and we had lunch at Jason's Deli. That was the first time I ate there and I just love the food. I ordered myself a smoked turkey panini/wrap. Very delicious!!! Another thing, I think it must be the strawberry season, the strawberry I had was so BIG, sweet!!! I need to get some from the supermarket this week!

After we had our lunch, we walked to Marble Slap Ice cream to treat ourselves a little dessert. The first time I had that ice cream was with Desiree at Dallas. They have many different type of cones for you to choose and they mix your ice-cream on a marble board. Very special.

We picked a peanut chocolate cones and 2 different flavour of ice cream, chocolate swiss and peppermint. It is just like in the heaven when you can have a delicious cooling ice cream in a hot noon. I might not into chocolate, sweets, candies very much, but I can't resist ice cream, especially good ice cream, I just love ice cream.

On the way to and back from Arlington, we passed by the Six Flags park real close. There are many exciting and cool rides there. I am not a big fans of exciting rides but I do think I will have fun and enjoy doing that. I should visit Six Flags soon before I am too old for those crazy rides.

Not only we passed by Six Flags, we also passed by the new Cowboy football stadium. It is not done yet but you already can tell that will be a freaking awesome stadium!!! I really want to watch a cowboy game there but I know the ticket is like crazily expensive!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Favourite Pants
Do you have a favourite pair of pants that you really love? I bet everybody does and sometimes we might even have more than one pair. If I have to choose the favourite one among all my pants, it has to be my black pants I bought last year. It is a well fitted pants, low rise with two unique designed pocket at the back. Also, it just goes nicely with most of my tops, a very easy matching pants. I bet it is a very happy pants as I wear it very often to go shopping. I just wish all the other pants cutting and design can be as nice as my black pants.

I believe Dockers is a no stranger brand to all of us and lately, there is a Dockers contest going on at It is a "Make Your Own Docker's Commercial" contest. What you have to do to win the grand prize is to tell story about you and your favourite pants. And then make the story into a 30 seconds video and submit to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest.

Curious about what the Dockers contest grand prize could be? Then you should visit the site and find out more about this contest and you will be amazed how great the prize is!


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Friday, May 16, 2008

Chunky Marshmallow~
See what I got from my LYS today.
It is a chunky weekend for me and I want to make a chunky scarf.
Look at the sweet soft pink yarn I got!
2 skeins of soft chunky and pair of 19 lakewood needles.
Sweet weekend to everyone of you!

Words from the Heart~
I still remember the very first ever Thank You card that I had handmade, that was a sweet little card for my mom at mother's day. I remember the big smile on my mom's face when she read the card. Since then, I know a card with sincere words definitely means more than just verbal words alone.

There was one year when I was at high school, I won a price in designing a Thank You card at Teacher's day and I gave the card to my favourite teacher. There are just too many moments that we need to give somebody a Thank You card to show our appreciations.

Lately, I am thinking of sending some Thank you cards to all my close friends. I would like to thank them for their unfailing friendship, thank them for always being there for me. This time, I will not handmake those cards, but order them from Cards Direct with their personalize service.
The card that I choose is a Spanish thank you card, with the word Gracias on it. I think that is special and sweet as I married to a Mexican American.

I am very sure, when I have kids, I will teach them to write
Thank you cards very often as this is really a nice habit that we should have.

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Love them All!
There has been a while I did not hop in F21.
Now see what I saw from the site that I wish I could own them all.
Maybe I can pick a top and a pair of shoes to pamper myself
but seems like I just well pampered myself last week.
No more shopping for me now.
I love them all!