Thursday, January 28, 2010

A lot of LOVES in my Kitchen
I will be leaving to Malaysia at 7th February and I have been spoiling my hubby with many delicious home cook meals. Not that I am not excited to go home, just this time is little bit different. I feel much reluctant to leave John here for 2 months that long. I am already missing him very very badly! I guess this is definitely a good sign in our marriage but I believe a temporary separation does good more than harm to a marriage... Well, I have to admit that 2 months is not SHORT period! *Ahem*

Let's see what I have cooked for John for the past few weeks. He is always fed and stuffed with LOVE! No doubt!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Launch Your Dreams into Reality

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This book is released at the 19th January and it is only 24usd and it is even less on Amazon. "Blast Off!" is not only available on Amazon, you can also get this book from Borders, Barnes and Noble websites. Honestly, I am really interested in this book and I already made it in my book-to-read list of this year!

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Before I tell you all how much fun I had in my LYS year end sales,
I decide to post all pictures of the yarn I bought.
YES! Picture speaks a thousand words!
Here you go~

So, Woolie ewe was having a BIG sales last year. It was a 4-day sales. To make the story short, everything was 40% almost EVERYDAY. I was there EVERYDAY and I spent like 200usd which is very good control of me! But you know what, I am regret now of not getting ENOUGH yarn when they are THAT cheap. Especially Debbie Bliss! I am regret that I did not get the cashmerino that I can make a beautiful sweater or cardigan.

Anyway, the last day of sales was 28th Dec. The sales started by 5am and I did not get there before Jill arrived to get the 40% off but I still got to have 35% off. I arrived there about 5.15am and there were around 15-20 people. About 15mins after my arrival, Jill walked up to the big round table in the middle of the shop, with a big bag of yarn in her hand. At that time, I was like 5 or 6 feet away from her. She then tried to get everyone in the store to walk up to the table and she poured out all the yarn from the big bag onto the table and said:" Hi everyone, there are free yarn here for everybody. Please grab one that you like and that will be yours, for FREE!"

I swear, before I GOT to get near to the table, there was already 4, 5 ladies around the table started browsing through the yarn. Before I had my hand on any, I was already attracted by a beautiful ball of Noro Sock yarn. THANKS GOD that no one was interested in it and I successfully GRAB it and made it mine!!! * it is all mine~~~*

While I was still on cloud nine all happy over this free ball of Noro, Jill came up to me and passed me a Woolie Ewe cotton bag and she said that is a free gift too! Have I told you lately that how much I love my LYS??? If I haven't, then I have to tell you now that I REALLY REALLY LOVE WOOLIE EWE!!!

If you happen to come to Dallas and are in the mood for some yarn shopping. PLEASE visit to Woolie Ewe and you will not be disappointed. All the employees are nice and friendly, of course the owners Jill and Sue are marvelous nice person as well. Honestly, I am very very happy that Woolie Ewe is located so nearby my house. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Collectible Coca-Cola Medallions!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

There are always more than enough Coca-Cola Coke in my kitchen pantry because John is a big Coke drinker. I know that most people don't just buy Coca-Cola Coke to quench their thirst but some of them love to collect them. I have two friends who are very into collecting Coke products and I did help them get some when I was in Europe. I believe they will like me to get few for them from the States if they know I am going home next month.

If you are an Olympic fans, you should be very excited about the Winter Olympic games that start at 12th February at Vancouver. Coca-Cola is the worldwide partner of Olympic games and they have launched a set of 3 Coca-Cola Collectible Medallions.

To own this set of medallions, it is not hard at all. You can receive 1 of these 3 collectible medallions with the purchase of 2 Coca-Cola 591mL products. There is only one place you can go for this medallions give-away which is the Mac's stores. You should spread this news to those who love drinking Coca-Cola coke like John does or to those who love collectible items. I bet they will like to add these 3 amazing FREE Coca-Cola Collectible Medallion into their collections.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Toy!!!

I have been thinking to get a DSLR as Christmas present last year but at the end I changed my mind and I got a Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3. I love this little black gadget and I know I made the right choice AGAIN! haha~

It is a present from John and he bought this from Amazon. I love online shopping and Amazon ALWAYS deliver items in time as they promise. John had this camera purchased on 23rd and he got the next day delivery. Guess what, this camera arrived at our door side at 24th afternoon. Not bad at all!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gloves and Hat set
With a request from one of my ETSY clients, I made her a set of hat and gloves in the cable pattern she wants. After she saw the burgundy brown set that she wants, she wanted me to make another set in green for her niece.

Honestly, I used to hate making gloves. I just hate to work on the thumb part separately but after working on more than 20 pair of gloves last year I guess I don't hate making them anymore, which is a good news! =)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I have no idea how year 2009 passed by so quickly.
Let see what I have done for the whole year.

I spent 3 months at home Malaysia from March till May.
I got to work as a retail pharmacist for that 3 months
and John joined me at April and we had 2 weeks amazing holiday
together at Malaysia, celebrating my Dad's 60th year old Birthday.

I missed the crawfish party at Mike and Glo's at May 2009
and I won't miss it again for year 2010.

I have been so busy knitting tons of accessories for
the Bazaar Craft fair at October and I made decent money from it.
Also, my ETSY sales has improved compared with last year
which is very encouraging to me.

Also, another BIG NEWS!
My student loan has finally been paid off!

Year 2010 will be an exciting one I guess.
I don't expect too much changing or set myself any BIG resolution
because I believe happily living everyday
like it is the LAST day of your life is the point!

I thank God for granting me such wonderful year 2009