Saturday, June 28, 2008

Steamed Glutinous Rice
We did not use up all the fried glutinous rice to make the dumplings so I came home with about 3 big bowls of rice and also the marinated pork. I made steamed glutinous rice that night for dinner. I mixed everything in my steam rice cooker and then added in some water as well. I think I added too much water thats why the rice was tad too wet and sticky. Still, it tasted yummy!

There are many food back home that I really miss terribly. Sometimes, I just have to cook myself some comfort food when I feel home sick or fall sick. I feel real good eating the dumpling and glutinous rice, it makes me feel that I am at home all over again.

First Time Ever Making Dumplings
I might have mentioned this for zillion times, about good cooking skills of Shirley. There are many benefits and advantages knowing a friend like this. Try not to talk about the part that I get to EAT many delicious food that she makes, eg.chinese (eg.meehoon, fried rice), dessert (cakes? malaysian kueh? apple strudel?), soup (home made pumpkin soup)...... I also have the chance to learn cooking from her and cook with her.

So, the first project that we did together was making dumpling. I played quite a fair and minor role, haha because Shirley prepared almost everything and I just did the pork marinating part.

With the guidance from my dearie friend Samantha, and also other informative references online, we finally made our first time ever Zhong Zhi (dumpling). Woo Hooo~

The wrapping part is definitely killing me. After TIMES of watching the tutorial on Youtube, it is still very hard to master. I kinda out of patient when I came to the third and fourth zhong zhi wrapping part! Gggrrrrrr.......

Anyway, after hours of so-called hard works, our zhong zhi are ready to be eaten!!! They are yummy!!! So, Shirley, what do you say about this first time ever project we do together? Two thumbs up I bet!!!

See the porkie? Thats what I prepared. And... don't ask me why the salted eggs look like that...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Expert Collision Repair
You get into a car accident and your car is badly damaged. You now want to look for a reliable collision repair expert to fix this problem. Auto body colorado springs is the place you should visit. It is an assembly of experts in the field of restoring collision damaged vehicles to pre-accident condition. The auto body shops that you find associated with them are scrutinized and measured. Getting a good collision repair service is now very much easier than what you think.

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KATE eyeshadow
Today I wanna show you all the fun I have with KATE eyeshadow. KATE is a Japanese brand cosmetic, and it is a line under Kanebo. I can easily get this brand at Malaysia but not in the States. Well, luckily online shopping is very common and convinient nowadays. I manage to purchase KATE products online with reasonable price.

I bought 2 KATE eyeshadow palettes this month. They are in brown, gold and silver color. I already have too many eyeshadows which fall into dark blue, purple and black color group. So, its time to make some changings and try other color.

I purchase deep eye BR-1 and dual carat GD-2. Very nice shimery palette. Colors that you can use for daytime or night out. I love both of them. Dual carat gold is something that I will wear for night out party or clubbing.

I am wearing deep eye BR-1 in the left picture with only mascara and upper eye lid eyeliner. I like the color combination. I will wear this to work or for any daytime activities.

I am wearing dual carat GD-2 in the right picture. It is rather a more dramatic make up which suitable for night out events. I added a thick black eye liner around my eyes with a sharpy pointed shape at the outter eye corner.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let's Talk about New Game and Contest!

Let's talk about new game in this post. Dungeon Runners is a new online game and they are having a contest now for this new game release. Before I tell more about the contest and prize, I want to tell you something about this new game.

In the Dungeon Runners, players can obtain magical Bling Gnome that help eating up all their unwanted items and then turn them into gold. So, Bling Gnomes play important roles in this new game. To win the contest, there is something you have to do with the Bling Gnomes. This contest called "Pimp Your Gnome". You can either buy a gnome from store, bling it out by wearing him a pimp hat, bling bling jewelries or you dress up yourself as a gnome and bling yourself out. You must take pictures of your pimp daddy gnome or you yourself as a gnome at least from two sides and post them in your blog. After that, go to and download the free game, then write at least 200 words describing a Bling Gnome and the free game on your blog.

You will have a chance to win a copy of the game and a $350 Best Buy Gift Card by participating in this contest. What are you waiting for? Go pick up a gnome from your garden or a nearby store and pimp it out!


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My New Helper!
I have ordered many skeins of Cascade 220 from WEBS and I realized that will be some extra work for me to wind them into a ball. Hubby is sweet and suggested to buy me a yarn ball winder when he saw me wind the yarn using the back of a chair.

Finally, I ordered one from knitpicks with the price of 39.90usd. The umbrella swift cost too much, 74.99usd so I did not get one. Let me show you the best ever hand winded yarn ball I had ever made ok? I am happy with the fact that I have a sweet yarn winder now as my helper.

This will Look Nice in My Bathroom
I want to do something with my bathroom for long time. Not only I want to paint over it with a new color but I would like to change the faucet and sink as well. I know that is a big project but I already have something that I want in mind. I am very pleased with the Bathroom Vanities, faucets and sinks that available at Spacify. I just wish I could have something like the picture shows below.

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Longer Eye Lashes

Me: I love your eye lashes, they are so long. Can I apply mascara on them?

John: No, thanks! I like the way they are. Your eye lashes are alright, do not keep playing with them later they will fall off.

Me: I don't believe that. (busy applying mascara on mine)

John: By the way, you have a parcel today. What did you get this time?

Me: Some fake eye lashes.

John: ......

Haha... I been playing with some fake eye lashes lately and I bidded another pair of MAC from ebay. Also, I got a DUO adhesive glue. I believe practise make perfect. HAI! Gambateh Neh!
By the way, do you know most of the eye lashes are made in Indonesia? That is kind of weird right? You would never have guessed it right? I wondered why... But quality wise, they are good! =)
Do You Like Tulips?
I know there are many people love tulips like I do. But tulips are seasonal flowers and we can only get them at certain season. How about pre-ordering the tulips bulbs before the main season starts? I bet this sounds like a winner and I am here to tell you that you definitely can pre-order any kind of tulips bulbs that you want from Goodbulbs.

All these tulips bulbs come in from Netherlands at the beginning of the planting season. To make sure to get the type of tulips you want, you really should pre-order it as early as possible before the ship sails away from Netherlands.
If your love one happened to be someone who loves gardening, you can also get the Tulip Gardener Starter Kit from Goodbulbs. This kit comes with bulbs, fertilizer, a planter and a pair of gloves. It is all packed in an eco-friendly 100% cotton mesh reusable grocery bag.

I really love tulips and I really wish to plant some of them in my front yard. I should start looking at the varieties that I love and pre-order some so I can have some peak freshness
tulips in my garden without worrying the seasonal issue.

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Happy Wednesday at Shirley's Place!
Before I show you all the pictures that taken while making the dumpling this afternoon at Shirley's house. I want to show you something that totally makes my day. I love sticker and I love bling, so I definitely love bling bling sticker. =)
Shirley gave me some real pretty stickers that I request for long. I really really love that sticker and I had them sticked all over my cellphone. Now I have a princess style of cellphone. Waa haa haaa! Sorry for my excitement but I love my phone now... I love my phone now..

I also sticked some on my newly bought compact powder case. They will definitely go out with me in my handbag everyday! Thanks again Shirley! I had great day today! Stay tune for my coming post about our dumpling making journey! =)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My kind of Illusionist!

Harry Houdini was a famous magician at a century ago. He became world-renowned for his stunts and feats of escapology but it is too bad that we can never watch his live show anymore. To talk about the famous magicians nowadays, Criss Angel should not be a stranger name to you. Criss Angel is a young, good looking rock star style magician, illusionist and escapologist. I watched his show regularly on tv. John tivo his show every week and we are always amazed by all his wonderful stunts.

There are few stunts that I really enjoyed watching and I wish I could witness that in person. The first one is Criss Angel disappeared an elephant at the parking lot. He had some audiences surrounded the elephant in the center and pulled up a big curtain. After few minutes or so, the elephant was gone when then curtain was pulled down. I am really amazed how he managed to do that. Where has the elephant gone? Another one is, he flew himself up at the top of the pyramid at Luxor hotel.

Criss Angel is having a show, new Cirque Du Soleil, 'CRISS ANGEL Believe' in Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas. You can purchase the ticket now if you are having a trip there. Also, there is a text message context going on now. Text " Believe" to 22122 and you can win 2 tickets to 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'.

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My new Address book~
I bought a new cute address book from Half Price bookstore last month. It is a address book full of cutie piglet pictures. All these piglet pictures are taken by Sophie Bevan. I love piglets they are just adorable. Especially there are few pictures of piglet playing with yarn ball. They do look like yarn but also like paper material string. Anyway, they are cute! I have snapped few of the pictures inside the adress book to share here. =)

Now you can write me a letter since you know my address......

Don't they look like yarn ball? And they are in pretty purple!

Get a Better Mentality then a Better Life!
I always find reading is a very good hobby or habit. I tried to read regularly when I was studying in UK because I like how most of them carry a book with them and read it whenever they have time either in a bus, train, subway or plane.

Lately, I like to drink coffee or honey chai tea latte in the cafe very much. Normally, I will bring along my knitting while I have my enjoying luxury time there. But I guess the book worms kind of hit me bad recently, I just wish to get some interesting books to read.

I am not in the mood of reading romance or fiction novels and last night, Dave recommended me some books that have many good reviews. I personally interested in one of them which called Zero to Superhero.

Zero to Superhero is available in e-book or paperback. If you are one of them who feels tired of life all the time, and sick of being just average in everything, Zero to Superhero is a book that you should read, to unleash your unique and awesome potential within. The book has taken over four years to be produced through research and write, and uncovers secrets, tricks and mind, bodyhacks that can hardly find anywhere else.

I find that I easily lost faith and confident in myself. To get a healthier and better mentality, a good reading material is definitely a helpful tool. Zero to Superhero can overall improve us to become a stronger, much stronger person. It also build us a super fast brain, increase our tolerance for pain, learn the powerful persuasion techniques and more.

Zero to Superhero paperback is my option as I like reading a real book and enjoy a cup of coffee and the same time. If you are not 100% satisfied with your e-book in 30 days after purchase, you can get your full refund back without any question asked. Let's Get Stronger, Faster, Smarter - Zero to Superhero.


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Stuffed Green Pepper
Me: I will cook capsicum onion beef for dinner tomorrow night, ok?

John: It is green pepper, not capsicum. By the way, can you make something else with the beef and green pepper?

Me: Oh~~~ You get sick and bored of my chinese food already!

John: They still taste good but I wish to try something else. Do you think you can make some stuffed green pepper.

Me: Sure, Sure...... (Rolling my eyes and started looking up recipe online)

Most recipes are easy and not too complicated. I picked one out from with bunch of good reviews. Honestly, I had fun making this dish but still the green pepper turned out a little bit too hard. I have to pre-boil it longer next time. Well, enjoy the picture everybody. Please forgive me as I did not get to take a picture of it when it was freshly baked from the oven. We were too hungry and ... you know what happened!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lift Up the Spirit!
Halloween is not a big thing in Malaysia but they do have Halloween party in discos or pubs in Kuala Lumpur. I personally never participated any party like that until the year I studied in Scotland. That was a cold freezing night, my housemates and I were invited to a Halloween party at very last minute. Therefore, we did not get to prepare any special Hallowen costumes at all. But we had fun watching other people in their special costumes though.

This year I will be around at the States for Halloween. Normally we go to Diana house, sitting at the front porch, drinking red wine and giving away candies to kids who are in costumes for trick or treat. I think we would do the same this year but I am thinking of getting some costumes for me and John. Wearing a costume definitely can lift up the Halloween spirit, I really think this is a good idea!

Before I tell John about this idea, I decide to browse at the costumes online first. Costume Cauldron is the site that I hopped in. I could not stop laughing when looking at some hilarious costumes. I want to get a funny costume for John and a cute one for myself. At the end, I managed to choose one for John, which is the Redneck kit. Oh, that is so funny! A hat with a long wig also a yellowish buckteeth. What I have to prepare is a white tank top with red wine and barbecue sauce stain on it. Exactly like the picture I post below. Don't you think that is hilarious?

I choose the adult Pepples costume for myself. A hot pink costume which comes with a pink wig, pink shirt and a pair of pink leg warmers. I love pink and I like Flinstone!!! So this costume definitely won't go wrong.

Well, I will tell John about this crazy idea this weekend and if he agrees, I will just buy them for this Halloween. Can't wait!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

eyeshadow...mascara...NEVER enough
I received an email from LYS Woolie Ewe at Wednesday afternoon. Before I read the email, I could actually tell its yarn sales again. Just as what I expected, Woolie Ewe is having a Gum Ball Sales. Why called so? Because the yarn sales discount is based on what color of gum ball you spin out from the gum ball machine. That is interesting right? This is a 3 days sale, discount from 35-50% and surprisingly I did not go. I can wait till the year end sales honestly. Better stay away from yarn purchasing for a while.

No special plan for us this weekend. We stayed at home watching EURO cup in the afternoon and sadly My Netherlands is out. Russia played amazingly well and they really deserve to get into semi final. Anyway, I always have fun watching my Nistelrooy plays. He did manage to make 2 goals in EURO cup. Good job there sexy dutch!

Today, I made a trip to nearby CVS pharmacy all by myself. (Clap your hands please!) I spent some times wandering there and I got some items with good price. Well, you guess it right! I got some make up. =) I bought a Physician Formula Baked collection dry/wet eyeshadow. It is on 50% discount and I got it for 4 bucks. Thats a steal! Also, I bought a Rimmel mascara, Glam'Eyes Midnight Black, extreme black. I love its packaging. It is black with shiny princess pink! I just know I have to get it. I also got the Kellogs Special K cereal, buy 1 get 1 free!!! That is really really good price. 4.49usd for 2 boxes of healthy delicious cereal.

So, this is the first time I got a baked make up. I read so much abou baked blush, eye shadow and finally I bought one now. I got the Baked Smores which comes in 3 different color. Grey, peach beige and black. I like the color but the packaging, outlook definitely sucks. BIG time! I checked on the product review for both eyeshadow and mascara at MUA and surprisingly their reviews are quite well. I couldn't wait for any longer and I tried both products after reading the reviews.

At first, I applied the eyeshadow using dry method but I don't think they would stay on for long. They are matte and not shimmer. The pigment is not real good when you apply on dry but its totally different story when you use wet method. I wet the eyeshadow brush with visine eye drops which recommended in MUA. I like the black palette. I use the peach beige as a thin eye liner below the lower eyelash. Wish such reasonable price, I am pretty happy with this eyeshadow. For the mascara, I would say I love it as well. Good good good! I love how it dries up soo quick so I can apply the second and third layer without waiting long. Its lengthen effect is great too and its not clumpy. Another nice mascara in my collection now. I love mascara, and I love eyeshadow too. hehe~

The mascara that I love use lately

There is one eyeshadow I want to have badly. It is Chanel Les 4 Ombres #93 Smoky Eyes. It is so pretty and I really really want it. I really really like it...

Friday, June 20, 2008

What do you do at 90F?

I visit to my parents in laws' house like every alternative weekend. Normally we arrive there by three somethings and dinner will be served around five or so. Before we have our dinner, we enjoy to sit at the back yard, chilled out and chat there.

This is no more a fun thing for me as summer heat is really hitting me. 90F equal to 32C. 32C is not bad at all for me when I was back home in Malaysia. So my mother in law always curious and wondered why I always complain about the heat in Texas.

Firstly, Texas heat is very different from Malaysia tropical country type. It is hot and dry here. The dry heat gives me terrible headache easily. Maybe I am used to the hot and humid type weather back home. But one thing, we seldom go out and do anything out door under the sun in Malaysia. At least for me, that is true. I try my best to avoid any sun tan as I always want to have fairer skin. Most of the time, we are indoor, in the building with cooling air-con on.

Ah, I don't like sweating! I don't like the heat!!! Sorry...

New Blog for Good Free Music
We just have to admit that there are so many good and nice music out there that we should try. If we could get those good music for free and that is definitely awesome.

I listen to variety type of music. As long as they are nice, I don't mind even it is terribly loud. Lately, one of my friends share a new blog with me. I personally think it is a cool site that you should visit if you have a big heart for music. Sites and Sounds brings cool music from around the web. It introduces many talented singers or bands who have cool music.

In each post, a new singer or band's biography will be introduced. Also, some of their nice album can be downloaded for free from Sites and Sounds as well. So, you can
Get free music at Sites and Sounds nowadays. Just hop in and Discover New and Free music at Sites and Sounds, since they are free, it will do no harm at all!

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Rose Champagne...

Like I told you before, I love alcohol.
Sometimes, I just have to have few classes of wine at weekends.
Lately, I really like this rose champagne...
Taste sweet... I like the taste and the color!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

See you in UK girl!
SB is one of my good buddies in university. We stayed in the same unit in hostel while we were at Glasgow and we share our happiness or sadness all the time. We remain close to each other after graduation and keep in touch as frequent as we could.

She rang me up few days ago and told me that she is going to UK some times in the July. She manages to apply for the working and travel visa to UK, which lasts two years of duration. For me, I know she takes a lot of courage to make such decision as she has to resign her current good pay job, leave the family and go to another country to explore another stage of life. But deep inside my heart, I do wish her all the best and I want her to be happy doing whatever she wants. Life is too short to hesitate not to do something that you really want!

Come to think of this, I am pretty excited as I have the chance to go visit her after she settles down in UK. Flying to UK from Texas is not as bad as flying back to Malaysia. It takes about ten hours or so. At the moment, she is still choosing between London and Manchester city. No matter which city she will be, I am more than happy to visit any city. UK is just very different from Asia or US.

I really want to visit to UK again whenever I have the time and money. That will be awesome if SB and I can go back to Glasgow again. As long as I manage to get a job by next year, I don't think my dream of having a short breaks in the uk is unreachable. Just pray hard for me in my job hunting everyone!

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