Thursday, September 06, 2007

my precious......
I love cosmetic and I love perfume, fragrance. It always depends on my mood to choose what perfume to use on that particular day. Different perfume will remind me of different important person in my life, different important incidents that happened in particular moment. Sometimes, when I miss someone very much, I will put on that specific perfume which I used the most when we spent some quality time back then. Today, I want to share the precious perfume which I own with you all. I won't call it a collection because I know there are many ladies out there, are really really crazy and fanatic about their perfume!

The first perfume that I really fell in love is Giorgio di Aqua. I think I was 16 that time. Students were not allowed to put on perfume to school but I secretly used it. I like the color and it really really smells good! This is something I would want to buy again when I have extra money!

Clinique happy and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea were my favourite when I was in the college. Just nice and simple floral fruity fragrance. Especially Green Tea, love it so much! Thats actually the first fragance that I finished it and went buy the second bottle.

BeautyArden, was a small gift I bought for myself before I left Scotland. So, I will put it on when I miss Scotland, miss my dearest room mates. Another floral fragance.

There was a period I din't use perfume, thats the time I had my internship in hospital. After that, I use perfume again when I worked in retail pharmacy. Well, here I list the rest of the perfume I have. They are gifts from my beloved buddy. YSL - young sexy lovely. Clarins Par Amour. Narciso Rodriguez.

The perfume which are in my wish list is SecretWish- Anna Sui and Burberry London. I love these two perfume a lot and I think I will get the first one very soon! How about you? Whats your favorite perfume?