Tuesday, July 31, 2007

block it

Some updates on my bella. I finally blocked it, pinned out the neckline so it will be easier to pick and knit around it when it is dry. The body turned out 0.5" longer after blocked. I want to start the sleeves but then I don't really feel like doing it today. At the same time, I have to figure out which cotton yarn I want to use to knit another Bella.

Most probably I will knit a size L for myself.
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Progress on Bella
Yes, I name it Bella. The first serious design pattern that I am working on. I have been knitting quite slow on it and I have a problem now.

I am using omega sinfoni cotton yarn, after using 2 balls of it I just realized that I actually DO NOT have the 3rd ball yarn in same batch/dye lot. HOW could it be? HOW could this happen? I really really thought I double checked my yarn before I start this design. But no kidding, I could not find out the 3rd ball which I thought I HAD all the time. So I picked out the NEAREST color ball, and continue the back of my work. You know what, I can actually tell the color difference at the back with my naked eyes. Well, I will still complete Bella using the same yarn, I want to know how fit this top will turn out be. I am knitting this in size S, Nina will have to try this on for me when its done. Then I will try to dye the whole top into deeper color. If this won't work, I will knit another one then. Hopefully it won't be that obvious after I block it? I really don't know how I could let this happen. I really really THOUGHT I have enough same dye lot yarn supply.

Here are the pictures of Bella, showing its front and back. Can you all tell the color change at the back??? errrrr... REally really frustrated man! I still have 2 sleeves to go. Sigh...

Anyway, I will finish the back today and block it before I attach the sleeves on. Will upload the picture again after its blocked.

I have knitted with the new yarn for about 1.25". Can you tell the difference?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PPP = PayPerPost
I started blogging like 2 years ago. I talk about my knitting story, my knitting project here. I never expect that I could have such much fun in blogging about my hobby. I get to know many other knitters from over the world and at the same time I also get the chance to know more about the blogging world.

I heard about PayPerPost sometimes ago. It is not hard to approach this in most of the blogs but I just have no idea what it was back then. Blogging is such a big thing nowadays and making money through blogging is even bigger. We heard so much about how those bloggers make BIG money and they could actually quit their job and be a full time blogger. Maybe I should not AIM to be that BIG but if you could make some pocket money or extra money monthly through your blog, why not right? So, I spent sometimes to figure out what exactly PayPerPost is and now I am going to share with you all.

First thing, you must have your own blog. But if you dont have one, and you are so tempted to start one to make some money, you can start your blog right now. Next, go to the PayPerPost site, register yourself as a member. Following the simple and clear instruction, you edit your blog and wait for the approval from PPP. It will take days to receive the approval email. Once you get the approval, you can start looking up at those qualified opportunities. Take the opportunity and make a post in your blog. YOU get paid after the post get approved. It does not sound difficult at all right?

Why not give yourself a try? There are many nice blogs and bloggers to share their money making journey with you. Its not THAT hard as you imagine. So, lets start this wonderful journey together!

word of mouth ethics

Monday, July 23, 2007

Updates on last week!
18th was my DH's birthday. I cooked him a nice chinese dinner that day. He wanted some fried dumpling and BBQ honey pork. Eventhough we are together for 8 years already, this was his 2nd birthday that I celebrated with him. The first celebration was actually the first time we met. He flew himself all the way from US to Malaysia to meet me. Hmmm... time passes by so fast and I am glad that we are finally together now. Happy Birthday to you John! Thanks for being there for me all the time and I love the way you love me. Thanks again for everything! I baked him a birthday cake too. It was a devilish triple chocolate fudge cake. You can tell how sinful this cake is based on its name. Look at the picture then you will have the idea why some MnMs gone missing from the fridge! haha...

JF = John Figueroa~

I bought some Addi circular needles from Ebay and they arrived from Hongkong safely last week. 6 pairs of them only cost me 33usd. Good deal right? I have 8 pairs of Addi now and I can see myself keeping all those other bamboo, plastic, metal needles away in the cupboard for some good times. I really love my Addi needles. Most of them are in 32", 80cm length. I am very happy with this transaction. Seller actually wrapped all the needles nicely in a transparent pinky bag with golden look-alike LV prints on it. If you are a beginner knitter, and in the process of collecting different size of needles, please BUY Addi turbo circular needles. I understand they are very costly for some people but you definitely have no regrets getting these wonderful Addi. Like what I did, you can actually get good deal sometimes at Ebay.

I completed another shrug few days ago. A same shrug as I knitted before but this one is in Ivory and smaller size. Just shipped it to Alexis today and hopefully she will like it. Now, I am knitting a my-own-design top. I am doing good so far, been writing down the pattern carefully. I am making it in a fitted size S. I guess it will take another 10 days or so to finish and then, I will need to take few more days to write out the pattern in variety sizes. Please have a glance on what I have knitted so far. I personally like the yarn color. Right now, I still can't make up my mind how I want the neckline and sleeves to be but pretty soon, I will finalize it.

the cable and special ribbing looks neat, don't they? =)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

First Ever bag lining
After referring to some online bag lining tutorials, I decided to do that for my felted bag. I bought a small piece of cotton fabric, some sewing needles and a magnetic snap, then ready for the lining. I cut and seamed the lining pieces according THIS tutorial. I found that it is easier to understand, maybe my sewing knowledge is very limited, thats why I can't really understand some other wonderful tutorials.

I just realized there are quite much fun in hand-sewing, I love doing that. I sewed slowly... slowly... and I did POKE my finger twice. haha~ I also very enjoy placing the magnetic snap on the lining. I reinforced it as what the tutorial showed. The outcome is good! =)

After an hour or so, TA DA~ My felted bag is even better now, almost PERFECT! =p Look at the lining! I did it! I made it! After making this bag, I feel like making more bag!!! Even thinking of getting a sewing machine one day. Sewing is fun, knitting is fun. How I wish I could have more time, more hands!

For knitting updates, I am knitting another shrug for a customer from ETSY. She wants the same long sleeves cable shrug I made weeks ago. She wants it in Ivory. I will upload the completed garment by coming Friday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

One day project --- Stripe Felted Bag
I've been thinking hard of what to knit for more than a day. This morning, I sat motionless in front of my laptop and finally DH realized about my problem. Then he suggested me to knit a felted bag. He is actually very amazed and impressed of the whole felting process. After hearing that suggestion, I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulder and said :" why not?" Then I picked out some wool yarn from my yarn stash and began the project!

This time, I kinda played with the colourful wool yarn. I made a stripe tote. I knit, and knit and knit and knit... and I crochet a little bit as well... and I got this in the evening...

Not even waited for another minute, I felted this bag in my kitchen sink. Yes, I din't use the regular method, which is felting in the washing machine. Instead, I felted it with HOT water in the kitchen sink. I rubbed the bag patiently in the hot water for some times, and then washed it with SUPER COLD water (Ya, I added ice cube in it). Going through this alternating HOT and COLD water " shocking " effect twice, the bag felted sweet and nice. The bag in the picture below was not dried and done yet. I am thinking of adding a magnetic snap on it. It will be better if I could do the lining within but too bad, my sewing skill is not good enough.

The pictures actually don't show the real color of this bag. That is not blue. It is actually more like greeny blue. My camera just can't reflect the real color and I know nothing about Photoshop!

As a conclusion, I like this bag! I think it is a better felting project compared with those were previously done.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ciao Bella~ 07.07.07
I wanted to post it on 07.07.07 that day but I was very lazy that night. It was the luckiest day in this century... 777 = 21~ Black Jack!!! John and I went buy 7 Texas lottery and 7 mega million that day and we had no luck on the Texas lottery. haha~ Lets see what happen on the mega million this coming Tuesday ya! One thing, someone WON 120million in the mega million on last Friday. He is a military guy who is ready to be shipped to Iraq though. Good luck to him in the war and HE MUST come back safely to spend the money good! All the best to you dude!!!
Natalie's boyfriend Umut opened up his own Italian restaurant a week ago. We visited there when it was still in renovation. So at 07.07.07, we have our first visit there after this restaurant opened. The food are SOO GREAT!!! Everything is delicious!!! Actually, the menu is similar to the previous restaurant Umut worked but then the kitchen does change around the recipe abit and the food are even BETTER now. We always have chicken pasta but this time, Natalie wanted us to try the Pizza. So we did. See what we had!!! We order a plate of fried calamari as appetizer. Before I could REMEMBER to snap a photo, we just couldnt help eating it non-stop! I only managed to take a picture of the MEGA GIANT large supreme pizza! haha~ Its a family size LARGE pizza. Needless to say, it is sooo delicious!!! yummy... yummy... so now you know why I was so lazy that night. What do you expect after having such BIG pizza and few glasses of wine? I just lazed around.. watching TV! =)

Here are some pictures of the restaurant. It is not a very big restaurant. But Natalie did a good job in painting and renovating the restaurant. Customers can see how the chef make the pizza because the oven is just behind the counter. Umut is very good in socializing with all the customers and they all like him very much. So we wont be surprised how well the business is now. Way to go Natalie and Umut! So happy for you guys! Oh ya, forget to mention, they do delivery order as well. We are planning to have my mother in-law's birthday party there then we can eat MOST of the food in the MENU!!! And, this restaurant named Ciao Bella~

The oven is just behind the counter!

Some nice scenery pictures of ITALY!

Wine bottles with customers' signatures on. We will have ours there soon!

I am knitting something! Something special and secret I mentioned before. Almost complete. At the same time, I want to CO something new. But no idea what to knit though. I have ordered 2 catalogues from Phildar during sales and I have bidden "some" addi needles from ebay as well. I will be checking my mail box regularly. I WANT THEM BADLY!!!
This is a small note to Jo from Shreveport!!! If you read this, please write me ok? I would like to kawan dengan you! =) * Write Me - kitman123@hotmail.com * Its always GREAT to know someone from Malaysia in the state.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday America~
This is the first Independence Day of America I ever have in my life. We will have dinner gathering with our family at my parents in-law's house. I will fry some dumplings as side dish. The party was initially planned to be held at John's sister, Rosanne's house, but my father in-law is sick, infected with pneumonia so we will have the dinner at their place. I have no idea if I could see any nice fireworks from my parents in-law's place but I am pretty sure I will have enough good food and liquor! =) Happy 231th Birthday to America~

My mother in-law and DH's birthday is just 8 days apart. Coming 10th will be my MIL 70th birthday. Most probably they will throw their birthday celebrations together at one of the coming weekend. I completed the blouse for my MIL but I haven't named the blouse yet. What should I name it? The chosen lace pattern kinda reminds me of Orchid flower. I think I should name it something with Orchid... Hmmm... How about Phoenix Orchid? In China, Phoenix represents the Queen and Dragon represents the King. Well, I think I will stick with this idea. Now I announce, Phoenix Orchid - the blouse which I made for my MIL as her 70th birthday present.

This is a self-pattern knitted garment. I use the Cotton-ease yarn from Lionbrand, 3 balls with needles 4.5mm. The lace pattern was chosen from one of my Japanese pattern books. Honestly, this pattern is quite hassling, cause you have to make some decrease stitches at wrong side as well. But I learn some new stitches from this pattern. I think the lace pattern will be more outstanding with using thinner yarn! DK yarn will be the best!
I started and ended the front and back piece with 2 purl stitches at the side. This gives a nice purl stitch line after seamed. Also, I made some YO decrease stitch along the arm-hole shaping edge at both sides. I am quite impressed with the decrease stitches I made at the neckline and sleeves. I would say, after some practises in seaming and picking up the stitch, I do see some improvements in myself. But then, I just find it very hard to write the pattern out. I love to knit with the flow and make up the pattern along I knit. So its just difficult for me to write out the details. This is really something I wanna do. I wanna learn how to write out a pattern badly. But... just don't know how and where to start...

Side view of the blouse - Simple lace pattern on sleeves and the purl stitch at the side after seamed

Anyhow, I hope this blouse will fit my MIL and I will try to take a picture of her wearing it ok? I have just casted on a NEW PROJECT! This is a gift for someone special. Won't reveal it until the special one receives it!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Final Package Arrived!
I have to praise my SP10. She is such a sweet heart and the package arrived at the LAST day of the SP10, which is yesterday. It just made my day! Coarine sent me 4 balls of Katia Fanny in sweet pink, a pair of Addi turbo circular needles in 4mm, 16", some very nice cards, note pads, a minisweater keychain and some wool wash shampoo!!! Oh, this was the BEST Saturday for this month! Thanks so much Coarine. I love everything you picked! I think I might knit a cable vest with those Katia. Very excited since I never knit any yarn like that before. BIG thanks to you again Coarine!!! * Still in excitement of liking this package very much! *

Remember that I told you gals that I bought some colourful yarn which I wanted to knit a tube top? I have completed it and Nina came over to model it for me. Zillion thanks to Nina too. She is such a understanding babe, always willing to try on those knitted garment for me. I really appreciate very much! Cotton yarn from Peaches & Creme, knitting in round with a wavy pattern. Just a simple tube top for this summer! You should know I seldom knit any garment with such bright and colourful yarn but this was a good try and quick knit and I enjoyed it! I should have steam-ironned it before Nina put it on. I think the top will look longer and better! John said it looks something very Mexican! I just think this will be something gorgeous to wear when you go to the beach! What do you think?

I got myself something special for dinner today. We went to the Chinese supermarket in the afternoon to get some instant noodles and rice. And... I came across this FOOD! Something I din't eat for... hmmm... at least 5 months. It is Dumpling 棕子!!!I bought a Meat-n-Nuts dumpling. Well, of course it is not as delicious as what I used to eat back home but it satisfied me heaps. Sometimes, I just want to eat some food that I used to eat alot in Malaysia, eventhough I know they taste differently here, still that make me feel HOME again. It makes me feel that HOME is not that far away... Yeah~ Malaysia is not far away from Texas. I just need to take a 24hrs flight, transit at Japan/korea, then I will be home again inhaling the sweet Malaysia air! haha... not too far away definitely! * I convince and brainwash myself in this FACT at least twice a month * Hey, homesick is unbearable k? =(

For the blouse I knit for my MIL, I am at the second sleeves now. I need probably another hour to finish the whole blouse. I just worried that it might be bit larger than it should be. I dont know. Hmmm... Hopefully it will SHRINK abit after wash? I dont feel like blocking this piece though as they are in cotton n acrylic yarn. Well, I will at least iron-steam it and see what happen.