Monday, September 10, 2007

Plastic Surgery
We always say and hear about women should not let go themselves, sacrifice their looks after they are married, have had babies. But deep inside our heart, we know this is not an easy task. You need time, money, effort and support to get it and maintain it. I am not obsessed with plastic surgery at all but I know how the body figure is going to change after giving birth a baby or babies. Maybe out of 5% of those pregnant ladies, they would have have a better body shape after pregnancy, eg: bigger breast, curvier hips. But from what I know, most of my friends who had already given birth, they grow horizontally. So I tell myself all the time, after I have a baby in the future, and I am pretty sure I would gain like 40 lbs at least through the whole pregnancy, I would not mind to seek for plastic surgery like liposuction and tummy tuck. But then, we hear too much tragedy and scary story about plastic surgery. To seek for a reliable plastic surgery center, sufficient research should be done.

Rodeo Drive plastic surgery center has this Mommy Makeover, which is a programme especially for women who want to get their bodies back after having babies. They do many tummy tucks and breast lifts for patients.
Mommy Makeover can sometimes be done during one surgery. Other times it is best to break the procedure up over more than one day. They take many steps to assure both minimal pain and maximum safety during the procedures.

Rodeo Drive plastic surgery center does specialize in liposuction as well, which is called Beverly Hills Liposculpture. Most of us have normal body weight but still there are some stubborn fats deposit at different part of our body which diet and exercise can't get rid off. Beverly Hills Liposculpture provides a solution here. It is a common surgery in Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery which they have developed a center solely focused on liposuction.

Well, I guess this could be a very sweet anniversary gift from DH after I have a baby in the future.

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