Sunday, September 02, 2007

My weekends
31st August is my country National day. Happy 50th birthday to Malaysia! I wish to see you grow stronger and better with times. Different races of citizens do stay harmony and happily together, of course we all should share the same benefits from the government under same roof. I hope government would care about others but not just to those so-called bumiputera. Love you Malaysia and I am always proud to be a Malaysian! This year, there was this International Fireworks Competition event held in Putrajaya and many countries were participated! Lets look at the pictures I managed to find. They are just way too stunning!

My FIL discharged from the hospital at last Wednesday, what a great relief to all of us. He is doing good, just still a little bit weak and breathless some times. We been encouraging him to eat well, get a better lifestyle and I bet he really gets enough of all these nagging! My MIL is such a sweet and understanding lady, been by his side taking good care of him, telling him to move more and expand his lung capacity as much as he could. She takes all my FIL crankiness and grumbles. She is a great woman!

Gloria and Mike's birthday is just 11 days apart and we din't get to celebrate Glo's birthday because my FIL was still in the hospital that time so we had the celebration yesterday, cum celebration of my FIL come home from the hospital. We had delicious and healthy food. Everything is low Sodium or sodium free!!! I made some soup dumpling/wanton, Rosanne made some fantastic baked pork loin and Gloria made delicious cold bean salad! I love the salad!

I wrapped up all the ground meat carrot mix with wanton skin and only cooked them in the boiled chicken broth in my in-laws house. There was extra meat paste left and I already ran out of wanton skin. What I did was, I made a giant big meatball for John! haha~ Does it look yummy?

Me and John haven't gone for any motorbike ride lately and we had one this noon, visiting to the animal shelter house in McKinney. We been tempted to get a cat or 2 cats! We used to have two cats but they belong to John's daughters. They were gone when the gals moved out! In the shelter house, we spotted two very very cute and adorable cats! They are Yellow and Tiger. Well, based on their names, you should have an idea how they look like right? I heart Yellow very much. He is a very sweet cat and is only 2 yrs old. His previous owner is sick, diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and couldn't keep any animals no more. That is very sad! We are still in discussion if we should keep a cat or 2 cats. Most probably we will go back on Tuesday to get them.

After some good time playing and petting Yellow, I have my allergy attack. Firstly, I sneezed non-stop then my left eye was incredibly itched!!! Aaarrrrr.... as expected, my eye gets so swollen, red and in slight pain. Then my skin has some rashes too! Oh, I am allergic to Yellow? Hmmm... I still want him though! I have his picture! Look at him! I think he definitely a good helper in yarn winding! =)

For the knitting progress, I am still knitting the sleeve, the 1st sleeve. Pretty slow. But I already knew what I want to knit next. I would knit a baby boy sweater and a vest. Have some design ideas in mind. Stay tuned ladies!