Friday, September 14, 2007

Hot Sexy Salsa!
I will dance with John in our wedding and we already have chosen a song. But after this nice slow dance, we would like to spice up the atmosphere a bit and surprise the guests. We both come to the idea to dance salsa or bachata. The question is, we don't think we have time to learn as we never try that before. Eventhough there are some dancing studios at our area here, I don't think we can have the ideal timetable.

At this very crucial moment, a friend told me about this online dance instructional website, Once you become a member, you will be given 3 free DVDs. If you plan to become a advance social dancer, you can find everything you need from this site. I had a guide tour there and saw many positive feedbacks left as well. I am just happy with the fact that you can actually learn dancing any time you want, 24/7.

Most probably I will sign up and try my best to learn as much as I could in few months time. Its just funny that before I sign up, I already imagined myself moving and twisting my body in hot salsa music like Jennifer Lopez! My god! haha!

**this is a paid post**