Monday, September 10, 2007

Memorable Moment!
What are those precious memorable moments you have in your life? I bet we have tons of them. We can have those moments with our family, our love, our friends. How about your romance story? Do you have any to share with me? I still clearly remember all the romances I have in my life.

Before I tell some of my romance story, I would like to tell you all something excitedly. I am going to try on some wedding dresses tomorrow with Gloria. My married friends told me, this would be another memorable moment for every single lady before they marry their love one. I am really excited about it. The tradition in the states is, bride can only reveal herself in the dress on the wedding day so I will do the same thing too. John will only see me in MY dress on that big day.

The very first time I talked to John was 1998 December and the first time we met was 2000. Many people ask how we met each other and they all WOW when they know the answer. We met each other at ICQ. Thing just went unexpectedly and we started talking to each other almost everyday after I had my first cellphone.

To be with each other, we had gone through a lot, ups and downs, rocky obstacles. But I am glad that we overcome everything and now, I am Mrs.Figueroa. Two years ago, John proposed to me at Grand canyon and that was another romantic precious moment that touched me very much and very soon, I will be in my dream wedding dress and say "I do" in the church.

Next year is the 10-year we know each other. I am very sure we will have a romantic and memorable wedding in Malaysia this November. I pray hard that we would have many many loving sweet years ahead. Love you John!

**this is a paid post**