Friday, September 21, 2007

Shoes Craving
Its time to get new shoes! I want a pair of flat to go with my new jeans which I got from truejeans and I want AT LEAST a pair of pump to go with my dress and also jeans. Before I show the shoes that I am craving. I would like to talk about my experience purchasing my first pair of jeans at truejeans.

I heard about truejeans few months ago through grumperina's blog. She highly recommends this site as they really pair you the fitted jeans which suit you the best. What you have to do is, be honest to yourself, fill in some measurements of your body and the site will show you all the possible jeans with fitting rating. I signed in truejeans 2 weeks ago and I purchased a pair of jeans with 15% discount as a special offer for newby. The jeans arrived like 2 days after the order and it really FITS. I love it! So if it happens that you wish to get a fitted jeans badly, you really should give this site a shot!

Ok, I bought a pair of shoes from ebay today! It looks nice on the screen and hopefully it won't disappoint me when it arrives. I think most probably I can get the shoes tomorrow and you know why? Because the seller is like 30mins driving distance away from my place! and she already shipped the items this afternoon 3 something. Can't wait to see it!

Also, I found another 2 pair of nice shoes which are very affordable for me! One is from payless shoes source and another pair is from forever 21. I want to go to the mall this weekend and try these shoes on!!! I want them!!!

Payless Shoes

Forever 21

For knitting progress, I have been knitting the long sleeves cable shrug non-stop. I have few orders from ETSY in the row and I am almost done with the cascade 220, I am at the neckline ribbing part. I should be able to complete it by tomorrow and start another shrug requested in grey one.

I wish I could reveal my wedding dress here for you ladies but, John might come in and read my post and he won't be happy to see the dress before its supposed to be! So, bear with me ladies, I promise I will have pictures of the dress... and pictures of me in the dress!!! haha!