Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Double Glazing Windows
I knew Amy at Glasgow and we went to the same church that time. We talk to each other once a while all these years after I left Scotland. She had her first baby last year and lately, she told me that she is going to do some Home improvements for her new apartment and she is very excited about it. Amy studied interior design in college and I am pretty sure she will make great choice in home renovation and improvements. She mentioned about Double glazing windows which she is going to get in the conversation and this reminds me about the double glazing windows I have in my dorm. Its commonly used in UK as the weather is always freezing cold there, especially in Scotland. But these double glazing windows are functioning real well as insulators and keep the room temperature real good.

We do have winter here but that is really nothing comparing to winter in Scotland. Don't get me started, or else I would have to tell you how much I miss Scotland again. Really miss the time that I had in my cozy room in dorm, having a cup of hot coffee, watching the pretty snow all over the city through the Double glazing window.

**this is a paid post**