Thursday, September 13, 2007

PayPerPost is Real
I have joined PPP for almost 1 and half month and I am pretty sure many people would wonder how much actually I have made by posting. I have taken 25 posts so far, 14 posts are approved and I have received 55usd through PayPal. I will be paid another 200usd in time.

What I can say is, PPP is real! You get paid once the post is approved. You just have to follow the post requirement, fulfill the sponsored content after you reserve the opportunity and most of the time you will be approved in 5 days time. Eventhough sometimes PPP reject you, you still have the chance to resubmit again and they will email you and tell you what the mistake you have done in the post!

I am happy with the whole PPP system, is clear and organized. With my experience in PPP, I would like to spread this news to my friends. I have made real money eventhough it is not big money, still thats good pocket money for me to spend when I go back Malaysia next month.

Are you interested to join? Not hard at all, please scroll down to the very bottom of the right side bar in my blog, you will see a purple badge of PPP. Just click in there, and you will be guided to complete the registration and become a postie of PPP! Welcome to PayPerPost!