Friday, September 14, 2007

Cascade 220
Avan is my high school friend. He came to the states when we were 21. He studied in Kentucky and now he works in LA. We lost contact for few years after he left and sometimes last year, we talked to each other again.
When I was in college, I had this very old computer with a hard drive not bigger than 3Gb and this bad hard drive always gave me problem, having bad sectors here and there. Avan was the computer guy who came rescued me many times, formatted my PC so I can maintain my romance with John in ICQ. * haha *

I guess lately he is kinda fancy a friend of him, a tiny petite girl whose birthday at October. So he wants me to knit a shrug for this girl as a birthday gift. He told me that this girl always wear light color clothing,eg: baby pink, baby blue and white. So I told Avan that I will knit this shrug in either baby pink of white.

I always use Patons merino wool in this project but they don't have white or baby pink. So I paid a visit to Woolie Ewe, try to seek for other yarn brand. Luckily, with the help of a nice lady, I got this very sweet baby pink wool yarn Cascade 220. I heard so much about cascade 220 but I never tried it before. I just fall in love with this sweet pink and I will really want to knit a sweater using this yarn.

I bought my wedding gown today! * excited * I bought a evening dress too! * happy * Gloria will make me a veil and I will spend this weekend to really think about what I want.