Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Feet in New socks n Happy New Year!

This will be a real quick n short post as I will be leaving soon to my parents in law house for new year count down. They have made some beans, shrimp and scallop for tonight. I am very happy now because I am wearing the new socks I made. I blocked them last night and now they are happily on my feet!!!

Happy New Year to everybody!!! * Yeah * --- * Panda Dancing * for everybody!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Important Accessories
I remembered when I was about 13 years old, I wished so badly that I coulid be short sighted so I can have a pair of prescribed glasses. I have no idea why but I really thought I look better with glasses on. Anyway, thing did not turn into the way I wanted. None of my family members is actually wearing a prescribed eyeglasses.

Eye glasses are such a big accessories nowadays. Not only we wear them to correct our mess up eye sight but they can be part of the fashion and give you different look as you wish. Zenni Optical carries big range of prescribed eyeglasses and those nice glasses prices just start from 8usd only.

Do you know anyone who love to collect different eyeglasses? You really should tell them about Zenni Optical. I have just visited to ther site about their wonderful selection of Holiday frames. I always love green color and they have so many green colors eyeglasses available.
It is too bad that I can't have any glasses for myself and it is no way John will want to wear any of those glasses. You know what, I should order some for my freinds back home. I have few friends who loves to collect nice prescribed eyeglasses. I think they will like this brilliant ideas since the price is so affordable. I should make them to visit the site themselves soon.

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Presentsss From Shirley~
Shirley went back to Malaysia for 5 weeks since November. She touched down around mid of December and we did not get to meet up at all till today. We actually exchanged Christmas presents today and her gifts for me just surprised me.

Eventhough this is not the first time she bought me make up, still I am very very delighted with the gift. Aaaahhhhhh!!! She got me a Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent in color 009. I am using the Christian Dior Diorshow mascara and I love it also I heard good things about its eyeshadow. I really really can't wait to try it out.

Anyway, before I show everybody what I got for Christmas this year. I would like to show the make-ups that Shirley bought me this year. She is such a sweet heart. The first one is Castledew she got me from Korea. I was so into brown, taupe and gold color lately. She knows my taste and my liking therefore she got me this.

The second one is a mini duo-eyeshadow from Paul n Joe. Nude-peach color with brown. I love this very much as well. She gave this to me as a present when I flew back to Malaysia. Haha~ Look at the simply n nice packaging! So sweet!

The last one that I want show is the Christion Dior palette. * Excited * Very pretty! But I haven't played with the color yet. I definitely will try them out very soon. Thanks again Shirley!!! =p

CEIVA Digital Photo Frame
I believe that digital photo frame is a hot item in many peoples' Christmas wish lists this year and I saw many different brand digital photo frames in the market but I have to say CEIVA is the brand that attracts me the most.

Not only is the outlook design of CEIVA digital photo frame impressive but also the reputation of it. CEIVA was the first company to invent and market digital photo frames. Their award-winning, patented technology has positioned their product line as the premier choice in the marketplace.

CEIVA Digital Photo Frame is very and convenient to use. CEIVA frames do not require a computer to receive photos. They do not need cables or complicated technology to operate. They are easy to use. You just have to connect the phone cord, plug in the power cord, push one button, sit back, and relax. CEIVA PicturePlan® photo sharing service enables CEIVA frames to retrieve and display pictures sent from around the world, even by email or camera phone. The CEIVA Network™ enables users to store and organize thousands of photos in online photo albums that can be displayed on the frame anytime and shared with family and friends. It also provides service support, printing and scanning options, free photo editing software.

I really think it is a very convincing product with all its special features. It costs only $129.99 now which is 100 dollar cheaper than its regular price.

Gloves Gloves!

I had made some gloves for Rosanne for Christmas and I was able to finish 8 pair in time. I used wool yarn to make all of them and they are knitted with simple cable and ribbing pattern. Oh ya, they are fingerless gloves.

I took some nice pictures of them and I bet the gift receivers will love them. I do hope so though! There are only 7 pairs in the pictures because there was still one pair being blocked at that time. Whenever I am knitting gloves, I will think of spongebob. Do you guys watch spongebob? I think he and Patrick likes gloves and there is a gloves day or something. They will go to the gloves fair, buy some gloves balloon, gloves chewing gum and gloves flash light. OK! I know, way way too out of topic! But I watch spongebob all the time eventhough he is such an annoying creature!!!
Pay Off Your Debt Quick!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...
I have been real busy these few days. Rushing to the mall and completed some last minute shopping, also, have been non-stop knitting for some gloves. At the time of 2.27am of this year Christmas eve, I am still sitting in front of my lap top writing this post entry.
Some presents are scattered everywhere in my living room but most of them are nicely display under my Christmas tree. I can't wait for the Christmas eve night gathering with my family. I can't wait for the delicious tamales as well~
I did not get to finish the sweater for my MIL as what I wanted and planned. I will try to finish it as soon as possible and give it to her sometimes January.
I have to wake up at 9am later and go to Old Navy and the book store to get the very very last minute Christmas presents. I did so much more for this year Christmas and I am really enjoy it. I have picked 2 snack recipes from just now and I am going to make that for tonight gathering.
I will definitely take lots and lots of pictures of the food, presents and my parents in law Christmas tree!!! May you all have a wonderful Christmas, Holiday and happy new year!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers
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If you have one phone call from jail, call them! If you are facing criminal charges, DON'T talk to the police first. TALK TO THEM! The experience Los Angeles Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys.

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My Dog - Pepe~

We have one dog and its name is Pepe. He is not a pure breed of German Shepperd but he is still my very handsome dog. Most of the time, we put him outside at the backyard and that is his territory but lately, weather is freezing cold and we let him come in the house.

Pepe is a spoiled dog also a very smart dog. Sometimes it is just hard to ignore him but let him come to me, sleep on my lap and pad him.

Also, he will only listen to John's instruction. Apparently he just neglects whatever I yell at him. I love Pepe! He is such a sweet heart most of the time. There was a time when John went oustation to Arizona and I was home all by myself with Pepe for about a week. I let Pepe in and kept me companionship in the evening when I was alone. About 10 or 11pm one night, I just fell asleep on the couch for an hour or so. When I woke up, Pepe was not in the living room anymore but sleeping in the laundry room, where we keep him in the winter or summer. He was so cute! I love my dog!!!

These few days, he loves to come up to me, lay his head on my lap and rest there (I sit on the carpet most of the time, right in front of my laptop). Eventhough I try to push him away so I could continue my knitting, he will still lay right next to my laps. My dog just loves me doesnt him? hehe...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Is Very Busy!
Ever since I was a kid, Christmas is always my favourite occasion through the whole year. Not only that I get to spend quality good time with family and friends, I also enjoy preparing gifts for them. Another thing that I love to do at Christmas season is visiting Santa Claus at different big shopping malls around my place. My parents used to take me to the mall and take picture with Santa, just like what most of the kids do nowadays. I sat on Santa's lap and told him secretly about what I wanted for Christmas.

I am now a totally well grown woman and no way I can sit on Santa 's lap anymore in reality life but there is a place I know I still can get the same joy as I did when I was a kid. I went to! Santa is there waiting for you to whisper your wish to him. You should visit to the site and try out this wonderful experience by yourself. I submitted a picture of mine that is taken recently to Santa. The reason why I submitted that picture was because I think I look like a silly kid in it. Santa does love kids, doesn't he? I am sure he will like my silly face and grant my wish! I just got a wish and you should tell Santa yours too!

CEIVA Digital Photo Frame is offering the Wish Sweepstake everyday till Christmas eve. You just have to go to the site like I did, submit your own photo and write down what you wish for Christmas. You must be a resident of the United States or Washington D.C. and 18 years of age to enter the optional sweepstakes. One randomly entry will be selected and his wish will be granted. These sweepstakes last till Christmas eve. That means, you can enter the sweepstake everyday till Christmas eve. You might be the lucky one, who knows? So, it is really no harm to try everyday!

CEIVA Digital Photo frame is very different from the other digital photo frames in the market. You can receive photo from your friends or family members from everywhere around the world. No PC or internet is required. You just have to plug and connect the digital frame to the phone line and you are ready to enjoy this amazing digital frame. You now can pay a 100usd less in getting a CEIVA Digital Photo frame at this special season and you pay nothing for shipping.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Sugar Cookies

I had a very fun and interesting afternoon making, baking cookies with Rosanne and Gloria. I have chosen to make sugar cookies and I spent FEW hours just rolled the dough and cut them in the shape I want. Not as easy or as simple the recipe says definitely but they come out very tasty. I like it very much. John actually wants me to make another batch on Monday. If I am going to make this sugar cookies again, I will try to do the frosting and decoration nicer =)

Rosanne and Gloria had made bunch of chocolate chips cookies and oatmeal butterscotch cookies while I was focused, real focused playing with my dough hahaha~ Thanks for inviting me over for this cookies baking section and I am looking forward to next year gathering already!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cydcor Corporation
Cydcor is the dominant leader in outsourced faced to face sales team. While many corporate cultures are only about needing more, more, more, Cydcor's corporate culture places an emphasis on philanthropy and giving back to the community. Cydcor elected to sponsor the Boys & Girls Club of Venice to support the ongoing efforts of one of its local independent sales offices heavily involved in the organization.

There was a press release regarding this event distributed on PRWeb site on December 11, 2008. As part of the weekend, Cydcor team members and executives volunteered at the annual Westside Champion of Youth Dinner & Auction, an annual fundraising event at Marina Del Rey's Ritz Carlton for the "Boys and Girls Club of Venice" where Cydcor Corporation sponsored a table. Through a lottery, ten Cydcor team members were picked to sit at the sponsored table and enjoy dinner. Others volunteered their time during the event that celebrated 40 years of service in the Venice community. Cydcor staffs rolled up their sleeves and encouraged patrons to "buy for a cause," selling auction items, tickets, delivering prizes and acting as hosts and hostesses. The dinner was a great success, exceeding last year's earnings and raising $150,000 for the cause.

Boys & Girls Club of Venice, established in 1969, is committed to helping youth of all backgrounds, with special concern for those from disadvantaged circumstances, to develop the qualities needed to realize their full potential and become responsible citizens and leaders. Programs include lessons in character, leadership, education, careers, health and lifestyles, arts, sports, fitness and recreation, cooking and counseling.

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Texas Weather

Texas weather is always weird. It was pretty crazy cold for the past few days, I am talking about 25F to 28F cold. Today weather is warmer, up to around 55F but it is so foggy and from what I heard from the weather forecast, it is tomorrow will be sunshine 75F. Hey, it is so hard to estimate or predict the weather of Texas.

I like today weather very much. It is foggy and cool. Maybe not a very good day to drive too fast around but I did go to the nearby mall with Desiree for about 2 hours. I got some good deal from Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret.

I will be baking cookies with my dearie sister in laws tomorrow. I have chosen two type cookies to make which are chocolate chips cookies and sugar cookies. Nothing really fancy or special =)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Personalize Your Homepage
I started blogging about 2 years ago and I spent quite some times to learn some basic HTML online by taking some free tutorials. It was such an achievement when I managed to change my blog's outlook around to what I desired. You did not easily get free blog skin online back then but you have purchase from some website designers.

Things are so much different nowadays. You can easily find many interesting blog skins available online with different categories, themes and they are all free with no charge. That is why most bloggers change their blogs' outlook very often whenever they get bored with it.

I come across a very interesting site today, Shiny Search. It provides the service of personalizing your search homepage. That means, you can make your homepage much prettier instead of boring dull igoogle theme.

I spent more than 15 minutes trying out different themes at Shiny Search. It was very fun to discover all those interesting themes. Firstly, you pick a theme that you want, and then you type in your name. Go ahead and click in the create custom search homepage button. The personalized homepage will show up in seconds and you will decide if that is what you really want. If yes, then you can set that page as your homepage.

I have already chosen one that I like the most. Not hard to guess at all! I chose the Hello Kitty theme for my homepage. It is in sweet and cute pink color. I can't resist it!!! You can check out the spiderman theme too! I actually like that very much as well. I bet I will change my homepage to different theme very soon.

When you are married so far away from home...
When you are married so far away from home...
You wish your family members understand how much you try to be strong and be fine at this new country...
You wish they understand that you are trying your best to give the best to them as you could...
It hurts when you cannot do as much as you wish and it hurts when they demolish what actually you have done for them all these while just because you can't reach to their expectation at this moment...

When you are married so far away from home...
You wish you could have a strong shoulder to lean on, a pair of good listening ears to accept all your complains and grumblers... this is the time that you miss your best friends the most. You miss the precious time you spent with your truthful girl friends... they listen, they share, they advice, they hug and they cry with you...

When you are married so far away from home...
You will know who are your good friends. Those who won't stop saying encouraging words to you, offering helps to you are very precious friends that God grants you. Also, you will find some so-called good friends start throwing rocks on you as you had made a very foolish decision marrying so far away. They are like serpents, they tease you, they say hurtful things to ruin your self esteem. You should be glad that you finally have a chance to see and review their real face clearly. Praise the lord for this! Amen!

When you are married so far away from home...
You should be stronger for yourself but no one else. Think of what you can do the best and choose to live the life you want and yet try to make everyone around you to be happy. You don't live on this earth for many decades and you don't really belong to any places of the earth. Be gladful that you still have your own strength to breath and be cheerful that you are living because you know the meaning of love...

I, will always remember the good things that happen around me, always appreciate the nice person that I have ever met in my life. I forgive and forget those people who mean or don't mean to hurt me. It is not worth at all to let them make me down. I will walk down the pathway of my live bravely because I know I am not walking alone...
Defending Your Data
PGP Corporation is a global leader in email and data encryption software for Enterprise Data Protection. PGP offers a full suite of encryption software, including email encryption and hard drive encryption for Mac and PC laptops and desktops. Based on a unified key management and policy infrastructure, the PGP® Encryption Platform offers the broadest set of integrated applications for enterprise data security. PGP® platform-enabled applications allow organizations to meet current needs and expand as security requirements change for email, laptops, desktops, instant messaging, smartphones, network storage, file transfers, automated processes, and backups. PGP® encryption solutions have earned a reputation for innovative, standards-based, trusted solutions currently used by more than 110,000 enterprises, businesses, and governments worldwide.

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The Prettiest Collar

See what I found at ravelry pattern gallery? This is a very pretty and elegant design. It is indeed the prettiest collar knitwear design that I haven't seen for a while. The colour is a real sweat lilac blue. I really really like this pattern!

It is a pattern by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford and published in A Stitch In Time, Knitting and Crochet Patterns, 1920-1949 Vol. 1. I saw some other pretty designs there as well. I think I can use some of the cotton yarn I got few months ago to work on The Prettiest collar. The book is available from the knitonthenet shop. 60 vintage patterns from 1921 to 1949 for today’s woman.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Most of the parents feel worried and helpless about their children academy result and homework when they turn teenagers. Reasons are simply because the standard gets harder and also, more temptations are surrounding the teenagers and distract them from their school academy. So nowadays, parents tend to send their kids to tuition classes frequently.

But if you know there is a great education site for teenagers online, you should probably think about having your kids learn and study those useful tutorials at home. is the site which provide numerous courses for teenagers. For those who are interested, they can purchase the courses they want at Brightstorm and they can access to their signed up account and learn there.

I had a free trial on the Algebra course and I have to say it is very helpful. Not only the lecturer teaches in a very interesting way therefore students can easily learn n absorb, the syllabus is well planned and categorized. I really amazed by the education effectiveness of the course. It is funny, really interesting!

You don't have to spend most of the time to fetch your kids here and there for tuition now. You can now spend affordable price on Brighstorm courses for your kids, and they can learn
comfortably in the pace they want. You now can sign up for a Brightstorm account.

This Looks Yummy too!

Another eyeshadow palette is added in my list for next yr Spring make up collection. Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow is so pretty. I don't own any Dior eyeshadow but from what I heard from my friend, they are smooth, pigmented and stay on nicely. I am using Diorshow mascara and I like it very much. I can see myself purchasing the second tube very soon.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hidden Millionaires
Anthony Morrison was a precocious businessman from an early age. At seven years old, he began selling candy bars door-to-door to buy a Jacuzzi for his family and as a teen turned his yen for baseball memorabilia into a profitable business. Morrison’s first business success began as a part-time venture amidst his pre-med college classes. Today, Anthony Morrison’s career has expanded exponentially. The success of that initial venture prompted Morrison to devise a systematic approach to entrepreneurial success and use it to develop another eleven companies, all of which have been highly profitable.

He feels strongly that it is every successful entrepreneur’s duty to share wealth and knowledge by giving back to those less fortunate both philanthropically and spiritually. The Hidden Millionaire is a part memoir, part inspirational guide of Anthony Morrison. This book tells of Anthony’s fearless spirit and initial forays into the world of business, but there’s more, because Anthony Morrison’s story isn’t merely inspirational; it provides real principles for guiding one’s self through the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurial endeavors. The Hidden Millionaire provides the reader with access to Morrison’s life story and insight into the means by which anyone can be successful as an entrepreneur.

Morrison breaks down his Twelve Principles of Entrepreneurship and tells you why they work. We all have the hidden millionaire within us and we have to potential to become a millionaire. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur like Anthony, you should get a copy of the Hidden Millionaires - Anthony Morrison .

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My Favourite Song Lately
There is a song that I listen pretty often lately. The first time I listened to it was from an advertisement on the TV. Normally I don't pay much attention to any new release game but the song they played in the ads just caught my attention. Wow, I was totally "magneted" by the singer's voice.

After some times, I found out that the name of that song is " How It Ends" by DeVotchka. I listen to this song so many times at Youtube. I am pretty sure I can keep listening to this song for months. I don't easily get bored of good music. I really like this song =)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Acobay - The Consumers Network
We tend to spend quite some times looking up reviews of the products that we want online to make sure we get something that worth the money but there are many fake reviews on the internet. Also, you might like to share your experience of getting something new with those who own the same products as you but you don't know where to do so. Acobay is the place for you to connect with the others who use the same products as you, visit the same places as you do too. Of course you can do more than that in Acobay.

Whenever you're wondering what to buy, where to eat or where to play, you can check out Acobay Stuff Map. Here you can find the best stuffs based on rating by thousands of real users. You will also know the stuffs that are getting hot recently. You can easily find out the reviews and comments on the stuffs that you're interested in. You can be a smart buyer with Just bookmark it and check out the Stuff Map before you buy a phone, camera, or automobile! is a consumer network that connects you with people who use the same phone, people who play the same game, people who eat at the same restaurant, people who drive the same car, people who visit the same place, people who read the same book and many many more. It's not only funny but also helpful being a member of the network. For examples, you can ask the other owners how-to questions and you can make friends with ones who are of the same taste.

Be a member of Acobay Consumer Network today, if you haven't!

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I Want This BADLY!!!

It is not even Spring yet but I have already had a look at Chanel Spring 2009 Makeup Collection. Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow: 1 Variation. It is SWEEETTT Gorgeous!!! Breathing heavily here. I want that BADLY!!!

But as what I understand, this palette version is available at Europe or Asia. The US Chanel Les 4 Ombres palette version is normally in square shape instead of round. I have to know when this palette will release and I have to get my friends either in UK or Malaysia to get one for me.

I love Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye shadow. KahYen bought me one as gift when I went back Malaysia few months ago. It is very sweet of her because she knew how much I had been craving and bragging about this palette. She got me the Les 4 Ombres : SMokey. Waaahhhhh, I still can bearly cover up the excitement I have about owning this palette. I use it very often. Thanks again girl!

I love winter and I hope it won't go by too fast but at the same time, I can't wait for the Spring to approach because I WANT that palette...... I WANt... I want... Iwant...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

High Science High Art

C. Sativa, better known as Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, or by its street name, Mary Jane. It is a plant that for centuries which has a dizzying array of usages as medicine and of course also for recreational purpose. It is illegal to use marijuana in the states for any reason but the law does not restrict you to like marijuana in some other ways.

Mary Jane Goods is the first company to create custom genetic portraits of cannabis. It was inspired by Grandmason’s work with the DNA of endangered species.The early success prompted him to extract the DNA fingerprint of Cannabis. The combination of the DNA genetic fingerprinting with an icon of pop culture created the foundation for the Mary Jane Goods brand. The company aims to connect trends in science in art through a product that is diverse yet is enjoyed by a unique set of people. They have launched the online retail site with select products that will include something for your home, dorm or wardrobe.

I personally think those retail products are interesting and they definitely make great gifts for those who are into pop culture. Why not visit to Mary Jane Goods' site and have a look at those original and intelligent pieces of art that are unique.

Knitty Winter Pattern
Knitty winter patterns are out!!! Have you all checked them out yet? I went in yesterday and I saw few patterns that I like. Also, few designs are from very well-knowned designers like Laura Chau, Stefanie Japel, Nicky Epstein and Norah Gaughan. I have books of Stefanie Japel and Nicky Epstein. I love Nicky Epstein designs and talents!

The pattern that I like the most is Surface by Norah Gaughan. Very special and unique design with an optional wrap. This pattern requires many ball of yarn because of the bobbles design. I think this design will look better on people with petite size. That means, it will not look nice on me! haha~

Another design that I think I will try some day is a sock pattern, Naniboujou by Chrissy Gardiner. A very unique design. I like how she plays with the color with the unique stitch. She will has her socks pattern book releases some times fall next year, "The Little Book of Toe-Up Socks". Hey, they are toe-up socks pattern! I am no more afraid of doing that since I already conquered that in making the baudelaire! I master the figure 8 cast on now! Hooray!!!!

What do you think about the Knitty Winter patterns? I hope you do find something you like! =)