Friday, December 12, 2008

Acobay - The Consumers Network
We tend to spend quite some times looking up reviews of the products that we want online to make sure we get something that worth the money but there are many fake reviews on the internet. Also, you might like to share your experience of getting something new with those who own the same products as you but you don't know where to do so. Acobay is the place for you to connect with the others who use the same products as you, visit the same places as you do too. Of course you can do more than that in Acobay.

Whenever you're wondering what to buy, where to eat or where to play, you can check out Acobay Stuff Map. Here you can find the best stuffs based on rating by thousands of real users. You will also know the stuffs that are getting hot recently. You can easily find out the reviews and comments on the stuffs that you're interested in. You can be a smart buyer with Just bookmark it and check out the Stuff Map before you buy a phone, camera, or automobile! is a consumer network that connects you with people who use the same phone, people who play the same game, people who eat at the same restaurant, people who drive the same car, people who visit the same place, people who read the same book and many many more. It's not only funny but also helpful being a member of the network. For examples, you can ask the other owners how-to questions and you can make friends with ones who are of the same taste.

Be a member of Acobay Consumer Network today, if you haven't!

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