Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Is Very Busy!
Ever since I was a kid, Christmas is always my favourite occasion through the whole year. Not only that I get to spend quality good time with family and friends, I also enjoy preparing gifts for them. Another thing that I love to do at Christmas season is visiting Santa Claus at different big shopping malls around my place. My parents used to take me to the mall and take picture with Santa, just like what most of the kids do nowadays. I sat on Santa's lap and told him secretly about what I wanted for Christmas.

I am now a totally well grown woman and no way I can sit on Santa 's lap anymore in reality life but there is a place I know I still can get the same joy as I did when I was a kid. I went to! Santa is there waiting for you to whisper your wish to him. You should visit to the site and try out this wonderful experience by yourself. I submitted a picture of mine that is taken recently to Santa. The reason why I submitted that picture was because I think I look like a silly kid in it. Santa does love kids, doesn't he? I am sure he will like my silly face and grant my wish! I just got a wish and you should tell Santa yours too!

CEIVA Digital Photo Frame is offering the Wish Sweepstake everyday till Christmas eve. You just have to go to the site like I did, submit your own photo and write down what you wish for Christmas. You must be a resident of the United States or Washington D.C. and 18 years of age to enter the optional sweepstakes. One randomly entry will be selected and his wish will be granted. These sweepstakes last till Christmas eve. That means, you can enter the sweepstake everyday till Christmas eve. You might be the lucky one, who knows? So, it is really no harm to try everyday!

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