Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gloves Gloves!

I had made some gloves for Rosanne for Christmas and I was able to finish 8 pair in time. I used wool yarn to make all of them and they are knitted with simple cable and ribbing pattern. Oh ya, they are fingerless gloves.

I took some nice pictures of them and I bet the gift receivers will love them. I do hope so though! There are only 7 pairs in the pictures because there was still one pair being blocked at that time. Whenever I am knitting gloves, I will think of spongebob. Do you guys watch spongebob? I think he and Patrick likes gloves and there is a gloves day or something. They will go to the gloves fair, buy some gloves balloon, gloves chewing gum and gloves flash light. OK! I know, way way too out of topic! But I watch spongebob all the time eventhough he is such an annoying creature!!!