Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Personalize Your Homepage
I started blogging about 2 years ago and I spent quite some times to learn some basic HTML online by taking some free tutorials. It was such an achievement when I managed to change my blog's outlook around to what I desired. You did not easily get free blog skin online back then but you have purchase from some website designers.

Things are so much different nowadays. You can easily find many interesting blog skins available online with different categories, themes and they are all free with no charge. That is why most bloggers change their blogs' outlook very often whenever they get bored with it.

I come across a very interesting site today, Shiny Search. It provides the service of personalizing your search homepage. That means, you can make your homepage much prettier instead of boring dull igoogle theme.

I spent more than 15 minutes trying out different themes at Shiny Search. It was very fun to discover all those interesting themes. Firstly, you pick a theme that you want, and then you type in your name. Go ahead and click in the create custom search homepage button. The personalized homepage will show up in seconds and you will decide if that is what you really want. If yes, then you can set that page as your homepage.

I have already chosen one that I like the most. Not hard to guess at all! I chose the Hello Kitty theme for my homepage. It is in sweet and cute pink color. I can't resist it!!! You can check out the spiderman theme too! I actually like that very much as well. I bet I will change my homepage to different theme very soon.