Thursday, December 11, 2008

Knitty Winter Pattern
Knitty winter patterns are out!!! Have you all checked them out yet? I went in yesterday and I saw few patterns that I like. Also, few designs are from very well-knowned designers like Laura Chau, Stefanie Japel, Nicky Epstein and Norah Gaughan. I have books of Stefanie Japel and Nicky Epstein. I love Nicky Epstein designs and talents!

The pattern that I like the most is Surface by Norah Gaughan. Very special and unique design with an optional wrap. This pattern requires many ball of yarn because of the bobbles design. I think this design will look better on people with petite size. That means, it will not look nice on me! haha~

Another design that I think I will try some day is a sock pattern, Naniboujou by Chrissy Gardiner. A very unique design. I like how she plays with the color with the unique stitch. She will has her socks pattern book releases some times fall next year, "The Little Book of Toe-Up Socks". Hey, they are toe-up socks pattern! I am no more afraid of doing that since I already conquered that in making the baudelaire! I master the figure 8 cast on now! Hooray!!!!

What do you think about the Knitty Winter patterns? I hope you do find something you like! =)