Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lift Up the Spirit!
Halloween is not a big thing in Malaysia but they do have Halloween party in discos or pubs in Kuala Lumpur. I personally never participated any party like that until the year I studied in Scotland. That was a cold freezing night, my housemates and I were invited to a Halloween party at very last minute. Therefore, we did not get to prepare any special Hallowen costumes at all. But we had fun watching other people in their special costumes though.

This year I will be around at the States for Halloween. Normally we go to Diana house, sitting at the front porch, drinking red wine and giving away candies to kids who are in costumes for trick or treat. I think we would do the same this year but I am thinking of getting some costumes for me and John. Wearing a costume definitely can lift up the Halloween spirit, I really think this is a good idea!

Before I tell John about this idea, I decide to browse at the costumes online first. Costume Cauldron is the site that I hopped in. I could not stop laughing when looking at some hilarious costumes. I want to get a funny costume for John and a cute one for myself. At the end, I managed to choose one for John, which is the Redneck kit. Oh, that is so funny! A hat with a long wig also a yellowish buckteeth. What I have to prepare is a white tank top with red wine and barbecue sauce stain on it. Exactly like the picture I post below. Don't you think that is hilarious?

I choose the adult Pepples costume for myself. A hot pink costume which comes with a pink wig, pink shirt and a pair of pink leg warmers. I love pink and I like Flinstone!!! So this costume definitely won't go wrong.

Well, I will tell John about this crazy idea this weekend and if he agrees, I will just buy them for this Halloween. Can't wait!

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