Thursday, June 26, 2008

Longer Eye Lashes

Me: I love your eye lashes, they are so long. Can I apply mascara on them?

John: No, thanks! I like the way they are. Your eye lashes are alright, do not keep playing with them later they will fall off.

Me: I don't believe that. (busy applying mascara on mine)

John: By the way, you have a parcel today. What did you get this time?

Me: Some fake eye lashes.

John: ......

Haha... I been playing with some fake eye lashes lately and I bidded another pair of MAC from ebay. Also, I got a DUO adhesive glue. I believe practise make perfect. HAI! Gambateh Neh!
By the way, do you know most of the eye lashes are made in Indonesia? That is kind of weird right? You would never have guessed it right? I wondered why... But quality wise, they are good! =)