Friday, June 20, 2008

What do you do at 90F?

I visit to my parents in laws' house like every alternative weekend. Normally we arrive there by three somethings and dinner will be served around five or so. Before we have our dinner, we enjoy to sit at the back yard, chilled out and chat there.

This is no more a fun thing for me as summer heat is really hitting me. 90F equal to 32C. 32C is not bad at all for me when I was back home in Malaysia. So my mother in law always curious and wondered why I always complain about the heat in Texas.

Firstly, Texas heat is very different from Malaysia tropical country type. It is hot and dry here. The dry heat gives me terrible headache easily. Maybe I am used to the hot and humid type weather back home. But one thing, we seldom go out and do anything out door under the sun in Malaysia. At least for me, that is true. I try my best to avoid any sun tan as I always want to have fairer skin. Most of the time, we are indoor, in the building with cooling air-con on.

Ah, I don't like sweating! I don't like the heat!!! Sorry...