Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do You Like Tulips?
I know there are many people love tulips like I do. But tulips are seasonal flowers and we can only get them at certain season. How about pre-ordering the tulips bulbs before the main season starts? I bet this sounds like a winner and I am here to tell you that you definitely can pre-order any kind of tulips bulbs that you want from Goodbulbs.

All these tulips bulbs come in from Netherlands at the beginning of the planting season. To make sure to get the type of tulips you want, you really should pre-order it as early as possible before the ship sails away from Netherlands.
If your love one happened to be someone who loves gardening, you can also get the Tulip Gardener Starter Kit from Goodbulbs. This kit comes with bulbs, fertilizer, a planter and a pair of gloves. It is all packed in an eco-friendly 100% cotton mesh reusable grocery bag.

I really love tulips and I really wish to plant some of them in my front yard. I should start looking at the varieties that I love and pre-order some so I can have some peak freshness
tulips in my garden without worrying the seasonal issue.

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