Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Time Ever Making Dumplings
I might have mentioned this for zillion times, about good cooking skills of Shirley. There are many benefits and advantages knowing a friend like this. Try not to talk about the part that I get to EAT many delicious food that she makes, eg.chinese (eg.meehoon, fried rice), dessert (cakes? malaysian kueh? apple strudel?), soup (home made pumpkin soup)...... I also have the chance to learn cooking from her and cook with her.

So, the first project that we did together was making dumpling. I played quite a fair and minor role, haha because Shirley prepared almost everything and I just did the pork marinating part.

With the guidance from my dearie friend Samantha, and also other informative references online, we finally made our first time ever Zhong Zhi (dumpling). Woo Hooo~

The wrapping part is definitely killing me. After TIMES of watching the tutorial on Youtube, it is still very hard to master. I kinda out of patient when I came to the third and fourth zhong zhi wrapping part! Gggrrrrrr.......

Anyway, after hours of so-called hard works, our zhong zhi are ready to be eaten!!! They are yummy!!! So, Shirley, what do you say about this first time ever project we do together? Two thumbs up I bet!!!

See the porkie? Thats what I prepared. And... don't ask me why the salted eggs look like that...