Sunday, June 22, 2008

eyeshadow...mascara...NEVER enough
I received an email from LYS Woolie Ewe at Wednesday afternoon. Before I read the email, I could actually tell its yarn sales again. Just as what I expected, Woolie Ewe is having a Gum Ball Sales. Why called so? Because the yarn sales discount is based on what color of gum ball you spin out from the gum ball machine. That is interesting right? This is a 3 days sale, discount from 35-50% and surprisingly I did not go. I can wait till the year end sales honestly. Better stay away from yarn purchasing for a while.

No special plan for us this weekend. We stayed at home watching EURO cup in the afternoon and sadly My Netherlands is out. Russia played amazingly well and they really deserve to get into semi final. Anyway, I always have fun watching my Nistelrooy plays. He did manage to make 2 goals in EURO cup. Good job there sexy dutch!

Today, I made a trip to nearby CVS pharmacy all by myself. (Clap your hands please!) I spent some times wandering there and I got some items with good price. Well, you guess it right! I got some make up. =) I bought a Physician Formula Baked collection dry/wet eyeshadow. It is on 50% discount and I got it for 4 bucks. Thats a steal! Also, I bought a Rimmel mascara, Glam'Eyes Midnight Black, extreme black. I love its packaging. It is black with shiny princess pink! I just know I have to get it. I also got the Kellogs Special K cereal, buy 1 get 1 free!!! That is really really good price. 4.49usd for 2 boxes of healthy delicious cereal.

So, this is the first time I got a baked make up. I read so much abou baked blush, eye shadow and finally I bought one now. I got the Baked Smores which comes in 3 different color. Grey, peach beige and black. I like the color but the packaging, outlook definitely sucks. BIG time! I checked on the product review for both eyeshadow and mascara at MUA and surprisingly their reviews are quite well. I couldn't wait for any longer and I tried both products after reading the reviews.

At first, I applied the eyeshadow using dry method but I don't think they would stay on for long. They are matte and not shimmer. The pigment is not real good when you apply on dry but its totally different story when you use wet method. I wet the eyeshadow brush with visine eye drops which recommended in MUA. I like the black palette. I use the peach beige as a thin eye liner below the lower eyelash. Wish such reasonable price, I am pretty happy with this eyeshadow. For the mascara, I would say I love it as well. Good good good! I love how it dries up soo quick so I can apply the second and third layer without waiting long. Its lengthen effect is great too and its not clumpy. Another nice mascara in my collection now. I love mascara, and I love eyeshadow too. hehe~

The mascara that I love use lately

There is one eyeshadow I want to have badly. It is Chanel Les 4 Ombres #93 Smoky Eyes. It is so pretty and I really really want it. I really really like it...