Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Wednesday at Shirley's Place!
Before I show you all the pictures that taken while making the dumpling this afternoon at Shirley's house. I want to show you something that totally makes my day. I love sticker and I love bling, so I definitely love bling bling sticker. =)
Shirley gave me some real pretty stickers that I request for long. I really really love that sticker and I had them sticked all over my cellphone. Now I have a princess style of cellphone. Waa haa haaa! Sorry for my excitement but I love my phone now... I love my phone now..

I also sticked some on my newly bought compact powder case. They will definitely go out with me in my handbag everyday! Thanks again Shirley! I had great day today! Stay tune for my coming post about our dumpling making journey! =)