Thursday, June 19, 2008

See you in UK girl!
SB is one of my good buddies in university. We stayed in the same unit in hostel while we were at Glasgow and we share our happiness or sadness all the time. We remain close to each other after graduation and keep in touch as frequent as we could.

She rang me up few days ago and told me that she is going to UK some times in the July. She manages to apply for the working and travel visa to UK, which lasts two years of duration. For me, I know she takes a lot of courage to make such decision as she has to resign her current good pay job, leave the family and go to another country to explore another stage of life. But deep inside my heart, I do wish her all the best and I want her to be happy doing whatever she wants. Life is too short to hesitate not to do something that you really want!

Come to think of this, I am pretty excited as I have the chance to go visit her after she settles down in UK. Flying to UK from Texas is not as bad as flying back to Malaysia. It takes about ten hours or so. At the moment, she is still choosing between London and Manchester city. No matter which city she will be, I am more than happy to visit any city. UK is just very different from Asia or US.

I really want to visit to UK again whenever I have the time and money. That will be awesome if SB and I can go back to Glasgow again. As long as I manage to get a job by next year, I don't think my dream of having a short breaks in the uk is unreachable. Just pray hard for me in my job hunting everyone!

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