Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My kind of Illusionist!

Harry Houdini was a famous magician at a century ago. He became world-renowned for his stunts and feats of escapology but it is too bad that we can never watch his live show anymore. To talk about the famous magicians nowadays, Criss Angel should not be a stranger name to you. Criss Angel is a young, good looking rock star style magician, illusionist and escapologist. I watched his show regularly on tv. John tivo his show every week and we are always amazed by all his wonderful stunts.

There are few stunts that I really enjoyed watching and I wish I could witness that in person. The first one is Criss Angel disappeared an elephant at the parking lot. He had some audiences surrounded the elephant in the center and pulled up a big curtain. After few minutes or so, the elephant was gone when then curtain was pulled down. I am really amazed how he managed to do that. Where has the elephant gone? Another one is, he flew himself up at the top of the pyramid at Luxor hotel.

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