Friday, June 27, 2008

KATE eyeshadow
Today I wanna show you all the fun I have with KATE eyeshadow. KATE is a Japanese brand cosmetic, and it is a line under Kanebo. I can easily get this brand at Malaysia but not in the States. Well, luckily online shopping is very common and convinient nowadays. I manage to purchase KATE products online with reasonable price.

I bought 2 KATE eyeshadow palettes this month. They are in brown, gold and silver color. I already have too many eyeshadows which fall into dark blue, purple and black color group. So, its time to make some changings and try other color.

I purchase deep eye BR-1 and dual carat GD-2. Very nice shimery palette. Colors that you can use for daytime or night out. I love both of them. Dual carat gold is something that I will wear for night out party or clubbing.

I am wearing deep eye BR-1 in the left picture with only mascara and upper eye lid eyeliner. I like the color combination. I will wear this to work or for any daytime activities.

I am wearing dual carat GD-2 in the right picture. It is rather a more dramatic make up which suitable for night out events. I added a thick black eye liner around my eyes with a sharpy pointed shape at the outter eye corner.