Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Watch?!
The first time I heard about Toywatch was about 2 years ago. There was an article about this brand in a magazine. I did not pay much attention as the design was kinda rough and big to me. But few months back, I had a look at their site and I actually like some of their designs. As what I read from the magazine, there are many Hollywood celebrities are loving their Toywatch, even First lady Michelle Obama was seen wearing a purple Neon Plasteramic watch at Eiffel Tower, Paris.

I used to buy watches quite often but they are not expensive watch and I did not spend more than 200 dollars on a watch. The last watch I got was a Swatch 3 years ago. I think it is about time that I can spoil myself with a new watch.

Few weeks ago, my brother actually told me that he likes the Toywatch skeleton Stainless steel very much and he really wants to get it. I have no idea if he got it or not but I do think this watch is nice! For me, I spotted a sweet pink watch from Toywatch too. It is Mother of Pearl Chrono Watch in Pink. This watch come with a clear acrylic bracelet or a pink leather strap but it is out of stock now! Wow... Hmmm... I will keep my eyes on this site and see if there are any new designs coming out! Maybe I will find something else better and nicer?