Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fix Quix is My Choice!
Skipping breakfast or lunch is not a right move especially when you are trying to lose some weight. We should eat frequently but with smaller food portion. Well, controlling food portion is hard and to decide what to eat for breakfast or lunch is even harder.

Normally, I would have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and for lunch, I will either have some yogurt or toast. But having the same thing for few days in the row, that can be very boring. I always tend to make some salad for lunch but I am just too lazy to cook some lean meat to go with it and I don't like plain vegetable salad at all!

Fix Quix solves my problem now and I can easily have some delicious lean meat whenever I want. Fix Quix is a convenient to use refrigerated cubed meat product as well as a healthy protein snack. It is a new product from Buddig and it is available in 3 Premium Flavors which are the Grilled Chicken, Oven-Roasted Turkey and Smoked Ham. They are ready to eat and totally perfect for snacking. Busy moms will love Fix Quix as they are great snack for kids, moms don't have to take long time to prepare lunch for their kids anymore.

Fix Quix is certified by the American Heart Association as it is low in calories, low in fat. Also, they are gluten free and has no MSG. Readers from Texas, Arizona and St. Louis can download the$1.00 off coupononline. You have to print it out and use it at the register when you purchase any Fix Quix. If you want to know where you can buy Fix Quix, please click here!