Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do you like paintballing?
I played paint balling once few years back with my university class mates in Malaysia. It was indeed a very interesting and fun experience. At first, I was very refused to join in the team and play the game because I know myself very well, I just can't act alert, move fast and control the paintball gun good. But my friends kept re-assuring me how fun the game could be. Well, at last I did join the game and I had so much fun! After that great experience, I always want to play paint balling again.

I talked to John about this recently and he said he wishes to try it as well. Tony is John's ex-colleague. He always invited John to go paint balling with him. John told me Tony is a big fan of paint balling. He actually owns a Tippman, a Tippman 98 Custom, his fancy paintball gun. I think he is the ideal person I should talk to if I want to play paint balling again.
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