Monday, May 19, 2008

First ever Driving in the states
I took my road test at 18th April and I failed. After 2 weeks, I took the exam again. This time I passed and I passed with good result. Well, I am legalized to drive in the state now.
Last Wednesday, John wanted to cook beef enchiladas badly. We went grocery shopping in the afternoon and bought everything we need. But after five minutes we reached home from the supermarket, John only realized he did no get tomato paste. And he was lazy to make the second trip back to the store to get it. So, he asked me if I could drive to store and get it myself.
Honestly, I never drove alone yet after I got my license and I am still afraid to do that. But I know, I must start driving alone all by myself at one point. With the encouragements from my friends in MSN, I grabbed my car key and handbag, and hopped in my car.
The supermarket is very nearby my house. I did manage to get to the store safely without any accident and I was soo happy as I initiated my first step finally. I really want to drive more. I will need a GSP when I get a job. Right now, I have been busy sending off my resume to all the openning of pharmaceutical sales rep jobs. So far I havent heard from any of them yet and it is quite upsetting. Everyone tells me it takes time and I just wish to get a job as soon as possible.