Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kebabs Birthday Party
We had a birthday party for Rosanne at 18th May. That was a fantastic kebabs party. Gloria and Mike cooked delicious food and I really really love them. My mother in law baked a chocolate cake as well and I regret now for having just a small piece that time because it was very very devilishly tasty!

Gloria and Mike own a very lovely house which is not too far away from my place. They have a lovely backyard and we hanged out there before we had the dinner. Also, I played with their dog KC and cat Polly. If you remember, I told you before that I am allergic to cat. Polly is an adorable cat. Very pretty cat. I love cat and I could not help and play with her. I reminded myself, dont rub my eyes, my face and wash my hand right away after playing with her. I think I played with her for 10 minutes or so then my allergy symptoms occurred. Initially I sneezed, then I could feel my eyes started watery. Ops... getting itchy, itchier and itchier!!!! Thats killing me!!!!!!

At first, I still tried not to scratch and rub my eyes because I had my make up and mascara on.( Ya, you got the picture!) But believe me, its very very itching and torturing. I ended up rushing into the toilet to wash my whole face with cold water. My whole face was in full of red bumps then my eyes were vampire red! OH MY GOD!!! Sooo super ugly!

Ah lovely Polly!

I love cat, I love Polly but I hate allergy! Poor me! At last, I ate a Benadryl pill and Gloria got me some Visine eye drops. I rested a while in the house. After an hour or so, finally the itch stopped and the dinner start. I managed to take some pictures of the kebabs, salad and birthday cake. But I used my phone camera thats why they are not crystal clear.

The salad was soooo good~! Strawberry, baby spinach! Ah... mentioning all those foods make me hungry again! I love kebabs! Great job Mike and Gloria!!!

Before grilled

Shrimp Shrimp! Beef Beef!!!

I handknitted Rosanne a scarf using the soft twinkle 100% virgin wool. Just a simple stockinette stitch pattern. I did not get to take a picture of that scarf but I have a picture of another scarf that I made for Shirley which knitted with the same yarn. A cupcake slipped through scarf. Do you like that cupcake? A cupcake with a skirt around it, thats what my hubby comments about it.