Monday, May 19, 2008

I signed up for SocialSpark!
We all know that many of the bloggers nowadays monetize their blog by posting for advertisers. Now, the scenario is, you are a blogger and you wish to monetize your blog but you do not know where and how to start. Let me share my experience with everyone who interested in blogging for money here.

I started blogging like 2 years ago and my blog mainly talks about my knitting hobby and life. The first site I join to make money is PayPerPost and I have to say I enjoy posting for advertisers through PPP. Lately, I come across another site which is just similar to PPP, it is SocialSpark. I signed up SocialSpark a month ago. To get verified and become a qualified member, you must have at least 20 posts in previous three months period. That means, you have to be active in blogging. After your blog submission to SocialSpark, they will get back to you in day or 2 days time to inform you if your blog is approved. And another feature is, you can add more than one blog in your profile.

After your blog is approved and accepted, you can start browsing the market opportunity and grab any that interests you. It is not hard to write a post for advertisers, there is clear guidelines in each opportunity to guide you. Also, you have to obey and follow the SocialSpark code of ethics; which are 100% auditable in post disclosure, 100% transparency, 100% real opinions and 100% search engine friendly.

Making money through blogging is not hard at all. If I could do it, so do you? Sign up SocialSpark like what I just did and start making some extra bucks!

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