Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Moment . Our Glory !!!
Before Manchester United won the Premier League Champion, I already knew they will be playing versus Chelsea at the UEFA Champions League final 21st May at Moscow Russia. This is a big match, I mean really really important and big. I am so proud and excited as ManUtd make it all the way to the final and I really wish they could win the UEFA Champion as well.
I checked the TV listing and make sure the ESPN 2 is showing the game. Yes, 2.25 - 5pm 21st May. After lunch with John, I went to Kroger myself to apply for their shopping card as the Albertson is closing down and we have to shop in Kroger in the future. I managed to got home by 2.20pm. Excitedly I put on a RED t-shirt and I turned on the TV.
WHAt???!!! Game is already on for 41 minutes and ManUtd is leading 1-0. OH MY GOD! I thought the game start at 2.30pm???!!! OK, idiot me! Thats Eastern Time!!!! I missed the whole freaking 41 minute of the game. After two minutes or so, I found out Ronaldo made the first important goal at 26 minute. Well, good good! ManUtd still leading! I just wished they finished up the 1st half game with the result of 1-0. Pleaseee defend defend!!!
BUT... most of the time things just happen against your wish! Damn, Lampard managed to goal at the last 3 minutes. Aaaaahhhhh~ DRAW game now!!! DRAW!!! That means, it will be more exciting. I almost pulled off my hair when that happened.
Anyway, that is such an enjoyment to watch my favourite team playing again LIVE! I don't watch that much of soccer game once I move to USA. I just miss those old days always watching soccer match with my brother and buddy at weekends.
Well, 2nd half game is over and the result is still DRAW, 1-1. That means extra time 15 minute. After first set of extra time, STILL DRAW!!! What?!! Ok!!! Another 15 minute extra time again. And as what I predicted, they have to end the game with penalty kick!!!!
I can't handle!!!! Its blood boiling, adrenaline shooting up, heart pumping!!! To make the story short, the CHAMPION goes to MANCHESTER UNITED with a dramatic finish of penalty kick! I had my jaw dropped when I saw Chelsea missed their 5th penalty kick. (They would have won if they score that one because ManUtd Ronaldo missed the 3rd penalty kick). With the result of 6-5 penalty kick, WE WON!!! ManUtd is the UEFA champions again after 10 years. Aaahhhh AAAAaaahhhhh! Yes, I still wanna yell my excitement out eventhough the game is over like 2 hours ago. Can you feel my joy??? Excitement!!!??
Hubby watched that with me and he just teased about my craziness!!! I made him TiVo the game and rewind back and PAUSE so I can snap some pictures of those important moments! Therefore I can blog about them here!!!
Bravo to ManUtd! Credit to Sir Alex Ferguson and all the fantastic players! I love you all! Especially Van der Sar and Ryan Giggss!!! Applause!!!! Applause!!! This glory just make my day!
I am very happy! I say " M " , you say " U " !!! " M.U" "M.U" !!! Go Go Go !!!

That is the moment!!! My Van der Sar RESCUED the penalty kick!!!
That made the history!
Ryan Giggs gave Van der Sar a TIGHT hug after the victory!!!

Red DEVILS are celebrating!!!

Victory and credit belongs to Sir Alex Ferguson!!!

My MAN! Ryan Giggs 11
Giggs and Ronaldo

We are the CHAMPION!!!

Go GO Go!!! Red DEVILS!!! BRAVO!!!