Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Such wonderful service from WEBS
This is not the first time I ordered yarn from WEBS and I had ordered 5 skein of Cascade 220 from them last Monday. They are having yarn sales now and I paid 4.89usd for a skein of Cascade 220 before shipping. By Friday afternoon, yarn arrived and I opened it up excitedly as usual.
Once I opened up the package, I was stunned for a while because the yarn color was really off from what I see on the site. I know there will be a color accuracy difference due to different pc display different color. But, that is way too OFF. Those ordered yarn have to be used to knit a shrug for my ETSY client so the color does really matter.
Believe me, I was like sweating over it for few minutes, comparing the yarn in my hand to the display yarn color on my laptop screen. (I know, it is stupid and silly) After 3 minutes or so, I picked up the invoice statement and looked at the order carefully. Yarn No. 8013... wait a minute, I thought I saw the yarn label shows 8012?? I quickly grabbed a skein and looked at the label, yeah! It was 8012. That means WEBS packed the wrong yarn for me. I had such a great relieve right away because I really care about the color accuracy.
Quickly I rang the WEBS customer service and there was this sweet lady talking to me. She was nice, sweet and polite. She apologized for the mistake and she said the yarn will send to me right away. What I have to do is to ship back the wrong packed yarn to them and they will pay me back the shipping.
Yesterday, the package arrived right after I came back from the post office shipping the yarn back to them. Wow, that is quick! Lighting quick!!! I am very pleased with the service. Two thumbs up for WEBS!!!