Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Saturday
We were at Arlington today and we had lunch at Jason's Deli. That was the first time I ate there and I just love the food. I ordered myself a smoked turkey panini/wrap. Very delicious!!! Another thing, I think it must be the strawberry season, the strawberry I had was so BIG, sweet!!! I need to get some from the supermarket this week!

After we had our lunch, we walked to Marble Slap Ice cream to treat ourselves a little dessert. The first time I had that ice cream was with Desiree at Dallas. They have many different type of cones for you to choose and they mix your ice-cream on a marble board. Very special.

We picked a peanut chocolate cones and 2 different flavour of ice cream, chocolate swiss and peppermint. It is just like in the heaven when you can have a delicious cooling ice cream in a hot noon. I might not into chocolate, sweets, candies very much, but I can't resist ice cream, especially good ice cream, I just love ice cream.

On the way to and back from Arlington, we passed by the Six Flags park real close. There are many exciting and cool rides there. I am not a big fans of exciting rides but I do think I will have fun and enjoy doing that. I should visit Six Flags soon before I am too old for those crazy rides.

Not only we passed by Six Flags, we also passed by the new Cowboy football stadium. It is not done yet but you already can tell that will be a freaking awesome stadium!!! I really want to watch a cowboy game there but I know the ticket is like crazily expensive!!!