Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Favourite Pants
Do you have a favourite pair of pants that you really love? I bet everybody does and sometimes we might even have more than one pair. If I have to choose the favourite one among all my pants, it has to be my black pants I bought last year. It is a well fitted pants, low rise with two unique designed pocket at the back. Also, it just goes nicely with most of my tops, a very easy matching pants. I bet it is a very happy pants as I wear it very often to go shopping. I just wish all the other pants cutting and design can be as nice as my black pants.

I believe Dockers is a no stranger brand to all of us and lately, there is a Dockers contest going on at It is a "Make Your Own Docker's Commercial" contest. What you have to do to win the grand prize is to tell story about you and your favourite pants. And then make the story into a 30 seconds video and submit to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest.

Curious about what the Dockers contest grand prize could be? Then you should visit the site and find out more about this contest and you will be amazed how great the prize is!


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