Friday, May 16, 2008

Words from the Heart~
I still remember the very first ever Thank You card that I had handmade, that was a sweet little card for my mom at mother's day. I remember the big smile on my mom's face when she read the card. Since then, I know a card with sincere words definitely means more than just verbal words alone.

There was one year when I was at high school, I won a price in designing a Thank You card at Teacher's day and I gave the card to my favourite teacher. There are just too many moments that we need to give somebody a Thank You card to show our appreciations.

Lately, I am thinking of sending some Thank you cards to all my close friends. I would like to thank them for their unfailing friendship, thank them for always being there for me. This time, I will not handmake those cards, but order them from Cards Direct with their personalize service.
The card that I choose is a Spanish thank you card, with the word Gracias on it. I think that is special and sweet as I married to a Mexican American.

I am very sure, when I have kids, I will teach them to write
Thank you cards very often as this is really a nice habit that we should have.

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