Monday, July 30, 2007

Progress on Bella
Yes, I name it Bella. The first serious design pattern that I am working on. I have been knitting quite slow on it and I have a problem now.

I am using omega sinfoni cotton yarn, after using 2 balls of it I just realized that I actually DO NOT have the 3rd ball yarn in same batch/dye lot. HOW could it be? HOW could this happen? I really really thought I double checked my yarn before I start this design. But no kidding, I could not find out the 3rd ball which I thought I HAD all the time. So I picked out the NEAREST color ball, and continue the back of my work. You know what, I can actually tell the color difference at the back with my naked eyes. Well, I will still complete Bella using the same yarn, I want to know how fit this top will turn out be. I am knitting this in size S, Nina will have to try this on for me when its done. Then I will try to dye the whole top into deeper color. If this won't work, I will knit another one then. Hopefully it won't be that obvious after I block it? I really don't know how I could let this happen. I really really THOUGHT I have enough same dye lot yarn supply.

Here are the pictures of Bella, showing its front and back. Can you all tell the color change at the back??? errrrr... REally really frustrated man! I still have 2 sleeves to go. Sigh...

Anyway, I will finish the back today and block it before I attach the sleeves on. Will upload the picture again after its blocked.

I have knitted with the new yarn for about 1.25". Can you tell the difference?